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(In this story, Connor doesn't have any problems with other androids)

"I know a place," Connor acknowledged. "But it takes really long to get there, can you manage?"

"We did get Chips and Juice so... Yea, I guess" I stated.

I got pretty tired when Connor was driving so I decided to sleep.

Once I woke up I realized I was leaning on Connor, He had taken me to an open field framed with trees, I got so excited, the over thinking side of me didn't react at all, it was just me and Connor.

"Hey! Connor, Wanna play tag?" (Y/N) marveled.

"Tag?" Connor inquired.

"Basically, I run away from you and you have to catch me so that then you can be the one to run away...ahh that probably sounded complicated..." (Y/N) explained "I'll be it! I'll show you, now start running!"

Connor looked like he was super confused and slowly started backing away

"3... 2... 1... here I go!" (Y/N) cheered

I ran so fast, but accidentally tripped over a rock and grabbed Connor's collar... I fell.

"Ooww!!" I Stammered.

"Are you ok?" Connor asked.

"Do I look ok?" I shouted.

Connor looked at my knee, It was bleeding...

Connor knelt down and was about to touch my knee when I moved back as fast as I could.


"Humans have Thirium?" Connor inquired.

I shrugged and sighed.

"You're it!" I exclaimed as I got up and ran away.

And I realized at this very moment... Connor is very fast...

I ran behind a tree and he was right behind me... WHAT THE??

I ran around the tree but got super tired and stopped

Connor went right behind me and hugged me....

"Uhm... dude you were supposed to just tap my shoulder" I giggled.

"Oh." Connor spoke and let go of me, then he decided to tap my shoulder.

I laughed and I could hear him laugh silently behind me.

I turn around and smile at him.

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