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//this one took me a bit, it wasn't as flowing as they sometimes come.  i love this girl with all my platonic heart.  sometimes for these i just string together pretty things for pretty people, but she's her own type of pretty thing and i wanted to find metaphors that felt like her.//

she's little patterns in frost, and vivid, vivid purple.
a wonderfully comforting scent that i can only recall when i smell it.
she has a natural magnetism built from cleverness, the darling sort of awkwardness, and a just plain intriguing demeanor.  people speak to her for a moment and they are moonstruck, i watch it happen all the time.
she is somebody anyone would want to hug, and one who distracts me from miserable colds with philosophies such as what is her and what is me.  i would sail through screaming seas and weave her crowns from their frothing crests if she told me that's what she needed.

//short and sweet, and not as good after stripping it down to this.  but still her//

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