Chapter 12

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Bri Pov

3 weeks later

I woke up in pain on my back , side and my leg . I thought I woulda felt better but it still hurt . I went to da doctor and my rib was fractured and I still got 3 open cuts . My body still fine asf tho . It was rainin outside . I got up did my regular and put on (mm) . We all stayed at da migo mansion last night . I looked in the boys room and they were gone . They are now 1 month old . I went downstairs wit everybody and laid on Qua . He held me in his arms bridal style

Ari:awwww Bri y u so red


Qua:whats wrong babymama

Me:baby it hurt

Qua:*pushes a cut*

Me:*hits him and whines* Keyatttteee it hurt stop


Me:I got a bruise on my nipple from De

Laylay:speakin of *gives her De* give this one da right nipple

Me:no dats Jr's nipple duh his is da left *feeds him* dont bite me

Set:*laughs* they got they own tity left and right Qua where urs

Qua: I got da pussy , ass , lips and tongue


Me:well I got da dick , tounge and lips

Ari:*laughs* dat aint right

Set:shidd I got da pussy to

Qua:*laughs* my nigga *slaps his hand*

MexAri:dont encourage him

Take:gotta nock da pussy out

Boys:like fight night night night

Girls: wtf

Me:why da hell yall encouragin each other

Set:Bri u gettin mad cause we nocking pussys out tn

Me: shut up Laylay and Take when yall was gone tell us yall back together

Laylay:how u kno

Me: he talm bout nockin pussy out like fight night plus when mama was here a few weeks ago tellin us she was gettin da twins I heard yall fuckin in da game room nasties

Laylay: ok and u and Qua fucked in da theater room

Me:we was makin a movie *laughs* but so Ari and Set fucked by da pool I shoulda got da shit on video

Ari:aye back up off us

I packed the twins bags . I told mama at a month I would let them leave . They dont cry much , they drink formula , De sleeps longer than Jr by an hour or two , they eat every 2 1/2 hours and sleeps alot . I made sure they ate and diapers were changed before they left

Ari: so everybody kids gone now


Laylay:smashin for a week really

Qua:fuckin right

Laylay:probably not fuck for a week but ight

Ari:got some for yall asses

We all went upstairs and did this

We all went upstairs and did this

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