26. "Tell her I miss her so much." (Narration)

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He's still so careless and stupid. She thought.

She was about to wake him up but got scared with his reaction, she didn't want another awkward moment to unfold so she just slowly and carefully went off the bed and searched for some first aid kit, which she easily found in one of the drawer. Nurse Dara told her that she will be gone for about an hour or more to fixed some matters in the faculty and asked her to just sleep or take a rest while she was gone, so she didn't have a choice but to tend to Jungkook's bruised knuckles instead of just waiting for their nurse.

She sat beside him and carefully held his hand, her heart was thumping so fast while doing so but she still went on, she looked at her hand holding his and smiled.

It's been a while, she thought.

It's been a while since she held his hand like that. She started what she was supposed to do, being ten times careful not to wake him up and when she was finished already, she let go of his hand carefully and smiled to herself.

She was about to stand up and return the first aid kit to its place when she was stopped by him, he was holding her hand while looking at her seriously, she noticed that he still looked so sleepy, and was just half awake, "Am I dreaming?" he asked her desperately.

"Please tell me you are real." he added, his words aren't that clear but she still understood him.

She smiled softly when she noticed that he was just half conscious and realized that he might not really remembered this when he fully woke up, "I'm real." she said.

She saw him smiled, his eyes slowly closing, "You are Lisa?" he asked her with a small voice.

Lisa smiled softly and tightened her hold to him, "Lisa is a good friend of mine, I'm not her."

He frowned with his eyes already closed, "Then good, I don't want her near me."

She stayed silent.

"She'll just get hurt."

She bit her lips the moment she heard him say that.

"And why is she going to get hurt?" she decided to went along.

"It's because I'm scared."

She was getting more and more confused by what he was saying but she reminded herself that she was currently talking to him while he was half conscious slash sleeping and probably didn't know what he was saying.

"You're scared of what?"

He smiled sadly, "Of her."

Her brows creased, "Why would you..."

"Because she makes me feel things I thought I'm not capable of."

Her breathing hitched, "W-what?"

"I like her smile the most and I don't want her crying, specially because of me."

Lisa closed her eyes tightly and opened it to look at him. She smiled a little.

He laughed silently, "You're her friend right?"

"I-I am, yes? Right, I'm her friend." she said stuttering because of confusion.

"Then tell her I miss her so much."

She was speechless.

"I like this dream." he just said and finally went back to sleeping.

Lisa stared at him, still can't believe what just happened. She then felt a tear fell.

"I miss you, even when you're near, I still miss you. I'll always will. But for now, let's take a break away from each other. I need it, you need it."

She whispered, kissed the top of his head and exited the clinic.

Let's stop hurting each other further.


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