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Author's Note & Table of Contents

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I came to Wattpad in Summer 2018 with a vague idea that I might build up an audience for a book that was, in all likelihood, too long for an unpublished writer to find much success with. I knew very little about the platform or what readers' expectations here were really like. (One example of how little I understood this place will stand for all: I initially uploaded chapters that were over 8000 words long.) Though The Cursewright's Vow hasn't yet seen millions of reads or a runaway flood of reader comments, it's still succeeded beyond what I thought was possible. The first taste of that was the Watty for "The Heroes." (Ammas thanks you.) The second is its invitation to the Paid Stories program. 

I've been excited about Paid Stories since I read about its beta inception as Next. Wattpad is a great platform, with unlimited potential to change the way stories are delivered to their audiences. The ease with which writers can connect with readers here was something that was unimaginable to me when I first looked into the publishing industry years ago. But no matter how much technology changes the landscape, writing is still a demanding and often lonely gig. It takes time and energy to produce even a modestly sized story. The desire to have someone read and enjoy those stories is so overwhelming for many of the writers on Wattpad -- myself included -- that we offer them here with no expectation of payment. That Wattpad is trying to change that in even a small way is a wonderful thing.

The first three full chapters of this story will remain free to read. You'll get to meet the cursewright, the princess who becomes his client, the orphan who becomes his apprentice, and get a glimpse of the dangers and awful things that stand in the way of his mission. I hope you'll find the story entertaining enough to pay a modest sum to enjoy the rest of it. It's a long tale packed with -- I hope! -- excitement, adventure, and moments of both darkness and light. My gratitude to those of you who decide to show your support for my writing in general and this story in particular is beyond words. I've enjoyed shaping and exploring the world of this story immensely, but like all fiction it needs readers if it's to come alive. 

- Dan Minucci

Table of Contents

Part One: The Cursewright

Chapter 1: The Cursewright and the Boy

Chapter 2: An Engagment, Interrupted

Chapter 3: The Cursewright's Client

Part Two: A Princess of Wolves

Chapter 4: The Princess's Suitor

Chapter 5: The Gift of the White Moon

Chapter 6: Taking the Cure

Chapter 7: The Cursewright's Failure

Chapter 8: Lord Marhollow's Pursuit

Chapter 9: The Cursewright's Vow

Chapter 10: The Veil of Ravens

Chapter 11: Blood on the Old Godsway

Chapter 12: In Titansgrave

Chapter 13: Leaving Munazyr

Part Three: Gallowsport

Chapter 14: Below Munazyr

Chapter 15: The Yellow Death

Chapter 16: Daybreak

Chapter 17: The Way to Autumnsgrove

Chapter 18: The Doyenne's Counsel

Chapter 19: The City of Music

Chapter 20: The Unworthy

Chapter 21: Moonrise over Vilais

Chapter 22: The Princess's Hunt

Chapter 23: The Cursewright's Confession

Chapter 24: Under the Gallows

Chapter 25: The Grand Curia

Chapter 26: The Wolf of Light

Part Four: The Goddess of the Moon

Chapter 27: A Queen of Wolves

Chapter 28: The Bargain

Chapter 29: The Apprentice

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