Contest Entry Finalist: LittleGem

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Hi, guys!

So the contest got a little delayed because i was trying to make the last chapter perfect, but now its back on track!

So heres LittleGems entry!

I do not own this One Shot and it is NOT apart of the Kidnapped story, it is an extra.


Hers LittleGem's entry!


"Bye Mum!" I screamed as i ran out of the house, Helen in tow. "So everything's in place, right?" I quizzed, raising an eyebrow as we ran down the street.

We'd heard that One Direction (that insane boy bad who are seriously hawt) were going to be at the opening of a new resturant ages ago, and it only seemed right that we checked them out.

I licked my lips. I was going to meet One Direction, and Niall was going to fall in love with me, and we'd get married and have five kids: Zack, Allie, Mark, Jane...

"How... much... further?" Helen panted.

I slaped her butt.

That got her moving.

There was no time for delay. My plan had a very tight scedual, and i couldn't allow Helen to ruin that.

I felt my phone vibrate in the back pocket of my jeans, but i couldn't take it. The resturant was just another street away, and i could already hear the high pitched screams. "Move Helen!" I shouted as she stumbled. "I twisted my foot" She cried. I didn't stop, i was too close. "Well maybe wearing flip flops didn't help!" I shouted, throwing a glare over my shoulder.

There it was. The staff entrance to 'La Belle Rose' was right infront of me. "OK Helen, you go get the van and park it here, like we agreed" I said, my eyes darting here, there; everywhere. I felt like a ninja about to embark on a highly dangerous mission. Helen nodded, deturmination in her eyes, like that of a lion hunting its prey. "You must be here no later than the pre arranged time, OK? One minuet late and..." I dragged a finger slowly across my neck. She gulped, before nodding. "Good luck Hun... Now go!"

I watched as she darted towards the Car shop across the street. Quite convinient really. Then it was my turn. Stricking a pose, i slid through the door. I was in a small hallway with spotless wood flooring, and white washed walls. The lights were bright, almost blinding; with various doors leading to unknown rooms. Forming a gun shape with my hands, i proceded to creep down the halway, adding in a few rolls (OK, more like rollie-pollies) for effect. This was seriously the most epic thing i had ever planned in my life, and i was deturmined to see it through.

I stoped at the sudden sound of familia voice. That laugh, that shout. Standing up against the wall, a hand flew to my heart. "OK Emily, you can do this!" I whisphered, nodding my head in deturmination. I posed, ready to pounce through the door, when someone tapped me. I froze.

"Excuse me Miss, but I'm afraid you're not allowed back here-"

"I can't find my mummy!" I cried, trowing my arms into the air. "I was walking with her and the poof" I waved my arms in his face. "GONE!" i shrieked.

"Aren't you a little old-"

"MUMMY!" i wailed, grabbing on to the mans shirt. He looked startled, trying to push me away. I bagan to kick.

"I. WANT . MY MUM!" I screamed again.

"Please quiten down. I'll help you find your..."

I found his preasure point and pushed down hard. He slumped to the floor with a thud, his head lolling to the side. I let a laugh bubble up from my throat, throwing my head back. "It's alive! It's alive!" I cackled, before regaining my posture. "Mummy..." I kicked the guard in the head. Those guys really got in the way.