16.0 Aiden's Art Of Walking Out Again

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Honestly, returning home has been a dream since I left it.

I never thought modeling could be such tough work. Most people -- like myself -- only see the finished product. They don't know the three hours of makeup and rehearsal or the ninety-nine shots that go to trash while only one gets selected for the final promotion. Especially when you have to work with several other models, timing is key. I almost feel bad for the director who has to take multiple shots and make sure it's perfect for everyone.

Two weeks in LA was not what two weeks in LA should have been like. Our project in-charge didn't let us out of his sight, making sure we don't drink because he couldn't afford his models to be hungover in the morning shoots. We couldn't go to clubs or sight-seeing, which ended in multiple fights between models and arguments about how terrible the director is. The most dramatic moment was probably when one of the female models broke down crying after her co-model walked out because she wasn't 'standing right'.

Unlocking and pushing the door open, all I can think of is taking a refreshing bath before having a six-month-long nap. Instead, I'm forced to stop in my tracks when I see Ariel prancing around the apartment yet again. My head is about to blow through the roof when I see Sid following behind her. He catches sight of me and redirects his feet toward me.

"Welcome home, man," Sid greets, thumbing me on the back.

I glance at Ariel who is watching me over Sid's shoulder.

Of course, they made up. I don't know what I was expecting.

"We were just cracking open some champagne. Why don't you join us?" Sid offers.

I sigh a breath through my nose and pass him by without a word. I'm sure if I open my mouth, I'll say something offensive. Honestly, I don't see why Sid and Ariel are even together. Maybe it makes sense, the toxic relationship seeing how they're both equally crazy.

"What crawled up his ass and died?" I hear Ariel say.

I spin around to growl at her. "You," I snap. "Stay the fuck away from me."

Her eyes widen and so do Sid's. I don't care what either of them thinks. I'm tired and sleepy, and seeing Ariel here has just made my day so much worse.

"Dude, chill out," Sid warns.

"Fuck you two," I say, stalking off toward my room without a backward glance.

As much as I'd like to tell Sid about his hook-up-girl hitting on me the last time she was within close proximity of me, I don't want that kind of drama hanging over my head. Getting out of the situation might just be the better option after all.

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