26| Ashton and Isla.

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26| Ashton and Isla.

They were going to do it. That's all luke was thinking about on the- what felt like hour long- journey to the car. What confirmed his thoughts was the multiple pit stops the two made at gods knows where so they could continue their make out.

Annie was definitely in control at the moment as she had the task of getting the both of them safely to the car.

Upon their arrival at the car, Luke was able to skilfully predict its presence in front of them so he turned Annie around, pushing her gently against the car and capturing her lips in one final kiss before the 'more' took place.

That is, until Annie looked in the car, and saw Ashton and Isla doing it on the back seat.

"Oh my god!" Annie screamed, stumbling away from the car and out of Luke's grasp.

"I haven't done anything yet." Luke chuckled, a little unsure of what just happened.

"No! Not you! Ew- my car!" She screeched, tempted to bang on the window and force the two out. Then she remembered how low Ashton had been lately and maybe this was a step forward for him, so she regretfully let them carry on.

"Can you elaborate? Or can we get back to business?" Luke smirked, reaching out and finding her sides, noticing how she was actually shaking.

"Ashton and Isla are doing it in the back of my car, oh my god! Can we move?" She tugged Luke's shirt and jogged away, gagging at the thought of her car having that done to it.

She was also slightly annoyed that her car was occupied. She thought it was pretty self explanatory that the car was reserved for the happy couple, but obviously not.

"Oh, well, is that a mood killer or...?" Luke chuckled, draping his right arm over her shoulder and following her lead to their next unknown destination.

"Definitely a mood killer. And there's nowhere else for us to go anyway." Annie shrugged, pecking Luke's cheek and hoping she wasn't getting on his nerves. She knows that he probably wants to have sex- he said it had been awhile and she's positive he did it almost every day.

"Alright, that's ok, next time." He smirked, his head falling into her neck and kissing along it slowly, completely opposite to the kisses shared before.

Annie intertwined their fingers, her body staying close to his as she led them both back to one of the smaller stages.

A band with a name unknown was playing, their music a lot calmer now as the night drew to a close. It was nearly 12 am and the main stage was getting set up, but they weren't interested in the mainstream, in the over played and consistent.

They liked this new band, their new music and new style, it was for them and it was different. The lead singer was playing an acoustic guitar, probably one of the last few songs of the set as his voice croaked into the microphone.

Annie leant back against Luke, a shiver from the night trembling against her body as he took a step back.

"Here you go baby girl," Luke shrugged off his jacket, holding it out for Annie as she slipped her hands into the sleeves, hugging herself as she leant next to him again.

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