Partners? (Part One) {(AU)Human!Connor X Android!Reader}

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Request By Megumi-Akamine

I fecking love this idea tysm for requesting it. And yes, it's Connor Dechart. Because why not? 🌚👌

You walk into the police station, walking towards your soon to he partner

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You walk into the police station, walking towards your soon to he partner.

Once you reached his desk, he looked up, his brown eyes looking into your (e/c) ones.

"Hello. I'm (Y/n). The Android sent by CyberLife." You greeted almost monotonously. "You must be Connor Dechart."

"Uh, hi?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

He seemed confused. Perhaps he didn't know you were going to be his new partner.

"I am assigned to you on the deviant missions. I am your new partner." You explained.

"Huh," he said rubbing his temple, "an Android chasing Androids, yeah?"

You nodded. "Yes, we should get started now. I've already gotten reports about a homicide victim, suspected to be killed by his house robot."

Connor pinched the bridge of his nose, "Yeah, okay, let's just get this started."

You nodded, and stood there as he grabbed his grey trench coat, and put the clothing on while he walked ahead of you. You followed, your hands behind your back like some obedient child.

The car ride wasn't long, but the tedious silence was quite uncomfortable. You sat there in the front seat, hands in lap as Connor drove. You wanted to speak, but nothing came out. So you just stared out the window.

The car came to a halt, and Connor exited the vehicle. "Stay here," he said before slaming his door shut.

Once Connor walked off, and began to speak to the other officers, you stepped out of the vehicle.

Rain fell onto your artificial skin, not even bothering you. You walked up to the scene, only to he stopped by an officer.

"Sorry, no Androids."

"She's with me." Connor interjected.

You walked past the cop, and headed over to your partner.

"I told you to stay put." He scolded.

"I am programmed to stay with you during investigations. Your orders contradicts my protocol." You explain matter-a-factly.

He sighed, and jerked his head. "Okay, then. Let's just get this case over with."

You nodded, and followed him into the house.

Connor looked at The body that laid in the middle of the living room, crashed through a glass end table.

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