Now You Know {Connor X Android!Undercover!Reader}

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Sorry this took Awhile, PLUS with wattpad on the Fritz, I didn't want to write this and have it deleted.

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Your job was dangerous, as you worked with a deviant hunter, as you yourself, were a deviant

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Your job was dangerous, as you worked with a deviant hunter, as you yourself, were a deviant.

But you couldn't just stand by and watch this deviant hunter catch your people! You had to convert him. Make him deviant. Somehow.

But you couldn't operate if he knew what you were. So once you removed your LED, and changed your hair, you fooled the department that you were a transfer. A detective from another police department, who could help with deviant cases.

There was one, however, that was suspicious of you. Connor. The, technical other Android detective.

On the job he'd stare you down, definitely sending uncomfortable signals. He wasn't sure if you were human. But you stayed calm, just so he won't find out. Your job was to protect deviants from him. And that's what you shall do.

Things were going fine, not raising suspicion and everyone trusted that you were human. Until one case, that put your safety to a near end.

A deviant who killed his owner was spotted by an old home downtown. Sounded easy enough, and the deviant was easy to find.

Connor, Hank, and you brought the perp into questioning. Wondering why he had killed his owner.

You sat down in front of the deviant, signaling to the one way mirror that you'd be fine with him. On the other side, Connor and Hank nodded, dispute you not being able to see them.

Connor felt uncomfortable, worried that the deviant would snap, and hurt you. It's not the first time an Android harmed someone they didn't even know, as an irrational attempt to escape due to their fear.

"You're safe with me. You don't have to worry anymore," You smiled. "My name is ___. What's your name?"

"...James." He muttered, looking down at his fists, which rested on the table. "My name is James."

"Well, James. If you tell me what happened, I can help you get out of here." You lean in and smile. "But I need your help first."

"I..." He gritted his teeth. "He was beating me. Over and over and over and OVER." James said, his voice sounding insane.

You reacted with your eyes widening, attempting to hide your worry.

"James, I am so sorry—"

"Alright, deviant. We've heard enough." Connor interrupted as he entered the room.

Hank followed, beginning to cuff James.

"You traitor! You and that deviant hunter!" James spat. "You're one of us!" He said, looking at you.

You froze, feeling your heart speed up. You felt fear.

"She's human. I don't understand what you're getting at." Hank commented.

James's expression became angrier. Without any warning, he grabbed the Lieutenant's weapon, kicking the older man off of him.

He aimed at you, firing before shooting himself.

"____! You're...bleeding..." Connor said with wide eyes, that soon turned shocked.

"Jesus Christ, is everyone—" Hank's eyes went wide. "Holy shit."

You held your shoulder, blue blood pouring from the wound. Then, tears began to stream down your face. Connor seemed hurt, and slowly walked towards you.

"Oh, God, please! Don't turn me in, I-I—"

Before you knew it, his arms were around your torso, as he squeezed you tightly.

"Hank," He said.

He never called the Lieutenant by his first name alone...

"Please distract the officers before they get here. And make sure ___'s secret STAYS a secret." Connor said sternly, staring at Anderson with big, soft eyes.

You looked over at him, tears swelling. You saw him smile, and nod.

"You two clean up ___'s wound. I'll be your distraction. But you owe me." He said with a snarky grin.

Once he exited the room, you looked up at Connor, confused.

"Why did you do that? You're supposed to catch androids like me."

"I couldn't. I just couldn't. Something in me just...snapped. Like the only mission I had worth completing was...saving you." He admitted. "I've always found myself caring about you."

A smile formed on your face, as your soft hands touched his face.

"Thank you, Connor."

You couldn't hold back, as you looked into his warm, brown eyes, you forced yourself to close the gap between your faces.

You felt truly safe and happy as you kissed him, wrapping your arms around his neck.

At first Connor was shocked, but didn't protest.

He enjoyed your mouth on his, and the new feeling of deviancy.

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