Chapter two

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Major heads up -> there's a lot of time skips in this chapter so if you see this: - it means a time skip


Marinette rested her head on her desk, her arms blocking out the noise. Alya sighed and shook her head. "What's up with her?" Nino Asked. Alya leaned towards him.

"She was up until 3 doing stuff last night" Alya whispered. Nino smiled. "I wonder WHO stuff is" He said. She jumped up, gasping a little bit. Alya cackled. "Oh Nino! That's not funny" Marinette said, resting her head back on the desk.

Just then Adrien walked in, greeting Nino. He noticed Marinette was sleeping. A slight pang of guilt overtook him. He was the reason she was sleeping at school. Oh well. He'd just have to cut his visits short.

She looked peaceful sleeping until Chloe came into class. "Geez Marinette! Up all night making some crap dresses again?" Chloe snickered. "Maybe she was making her own clothes!" Sabrina giggled. Marinette frowned. Adrien rolled his eyes. "Don't listen to her Marinette. Your designs are incredible" he said, flashing her a smile. She blushed and thanked him while Chloe tutted.

"You should totally have a party while your parents are away! Why not this Friday?" Alya smiled. Marinette gasped. "A party?!" She shrieked while people stared at her. She blushed red. "No. No way. I can't have a party, my parents would absolutely murder Me!" She squeaked.

"They won't kill you if they don't find out" Alya whispered. Marinette drummed her fingers on her chin and chewed a strand of her hair. She gave in reluctantly. "O-Okay" she sighed while Alya giggled.

It was 9 p.m. Marinette was wondering where Chat Noir was. She sat at her desk, sighing. He never missed a day. He never came late. As soon as it was dark, the 3 knocks came. She figured something in his private life happened, but Marinette being Marinette started to worry. Maybe there was an Akuma attack? But she checked the Ladyblog 3 times and there has been no Akumas. Maybe something happened involving the police? She checked the new page run by Nadia which was constantly updated. Nothing on that either.

She barely noticed the cold hands slipping around her waist, until his head landed in her lap. "Hey Princess" he smirked. She screamed. "Chat Noir! Don't scare me Like that!" She shrieked. He started to Laugh.

"I just came by to check up on you. Sorry I'm late" He smiled. She sighed happily and stood up, making her way to her Chaise. He followed. She lay down on it, closing her eyes. Chat lay beside her and she snuggled into his chest. "Do the purring thing" she said sleepily. He slightly chuckled and nestled his head closer to hers.

A low rumbling came from his chest, making Marinette instantly smile. Within a few minutes he opened one eye and realized she had fallen asleep. He smiled and shifted away as he had to go. Placing her down on her Chaise, he got a blanket and covered her.

"Goodnight Princess" He whispered in her ear. Chat shut the trapdoor quietly as to not wake Marinette up with the bang. He watched her for a minute from the window. Making his way across the cold and slippy rooftops, he arrived home and detransformed. Plagg lay on Adrien's bed, exhausted.

Adrien smiled and placed a wheel of Camembert beside him. "Night Plagg" Adrien said, changing into a shirt and shorts to sleep in.

The next morning

Marinette got to school early. For once. It must of been due to that great sleep she had last night. She was completing her homework when a bunch of her classmates came into the class, yelling and arguing.

"I think he's a useless excuse for a human being!" Scoffed Chloe, glaring at Alix. Alix grumbled. "He wasn't so useless when he protected you from Evilustrator" Nino rolled his eyes. Chloe tutted. "What's going on?" Marinette Asked, frowning.

Adrien walked into the Classroom, nobody noticing him except Marinette. Everyone else was infulged in their feud. "Marinette! You and Chat Noir are close?" Mylene Asked. Marinette almost fainted. Adrien's eyes widened.

"What?! Who said that? Who knows?" Marinette shrieked, silencing the class. Everyone looked at her in confusion. "Chat Noir saved you a good few times. Befana,, Gamer, Evilustrator etc" Max began. Marinette nodded her head eagerly.

"So what do you think about him? Chloe said he's just a crap sidekick" Nathanael sighed. Adrien pulled a face. Of course, it hurt. Marinette's brows furrowed. "Excuse me?" She boomed, silencing the classroom.

"I'll have you know that Chat Noir is an amazing Person. He is a superhero and is just as equivalent to Ladybug. He's kind and caring and brave. I bet you wouldn't know bravery if it hit you with a bus, Chloe Boigeous!" Marinette yelled. Her face flushed red and a lot of people gasped. Alya started to laugh. Many more people began to laugh too, making Chloe go an embarrassing shade of red.

Adrien wanted to hug her. He would later, as Chat of course. Ms Bustier arrived into the class while everyone was taking their seat.
Chloe was excused to go to the bathroom. She stormed out of the class and down the hall, her shoes stomping on the ground. She boiled with Anger.

The class bell rang, signaling end of class. Ms bustier instructed homework and Marinette and Alya decided to go to the bakery. "Hey wait!" Adrien said, grabbing Marinette's shoulder. She blushed at the sudden contact. He realized what he did and let go of her shoulder. "Sorry. Did I hurt you?" He asked.

She shook her head, barely able to function. "Mind if I tag along? Nino's going home for Lunch and.. I don't wanna be a-alone" He stammered. It sounded stupid when he said it like that. Marinette smiled. "Of course!" She giggled. She linked Arms with him, along with Alya on his right.

Marinette noticed Juleka and Rose picking up a bunch of books. She hurried over to them. "Need any help?" She asked, picking up some of the textbooks and placing them in a cardboard box. "Thanks Marinette!" Juleka half smiled. "Thank you!" Rose added.

"These are the new science textbooks for Ms. Mendeliev's class! Isn't it exciting?" Rose smiled. Marinette nodded. When they were all placed back in the boxes, Kim and Max came to help Rose and Juleka.

Marinette waved to her classmates and hurried back to Adrien who had his arm outstretched. Her heart was hammering. Chat had taught her to be braver and have more courage and confidence. She was linking arms with him when-

"Marinette!" A girl screamed. Marinette whipped her head around to the source of the voice. She gasped. The villain had black hair and icy blue eyes surrounded with a darker shade of blue. She didn't have an iris in her eye which freaked Marinette out. Her skin was an almost grey colour with dark mascara tears stained down her cheeks.

"Your not feeling so brave now? Are you Marinette? Are you?" She screamed, making a high pitched noise. Everyone groaned and clamped their hands over their ears. The Akuma victim started to come towards them when Adrien shook Marinette. "I'll distract her. You and Alya go find somewhere safe and discreet" Adrien said. Marinette shook her head while Alya grabbed her forearm and started to pull her.

"No! Adrien! I'm not leaving you" She shrieked. He shook his head. "I'll be fine Prin- Marinette. Just go! Get out of here!" He yelled. The high pitched noise was audible again, making him wince.

"I-I can't leave you. Please Adrien. Please come with us" She said, her voice breaking and tears rolling down her cheeks. He gasped. Was she crying? Over him? The Akuma was almost at them when a book was sent flying toward them. It hit the Villain. The trio glanced at the source. Kim, Max, Rose and Juleka stood at the basketball court, textbooks in hand.

"Go! All of you!" Rose yelled. Adrien nodded and ran with Marinette and Alya. They ran out of school and into the Subway station. Adrien looked around. He stared at the subway. "Let's get on this" He said, pointing to it. They nodded. The doors were slowly closing. All three of them weren't going to make it. He lightly pushed Marinette and Alya forward.

They landed in the subway. The doors shut and the subway started to pull off. Marinette banged on the glass. "Adrien!" She yelled. Alya wrapped her arms around her Bestfriend. She started to cry. They were left, all alone on an empty subway..

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