Ch. 17 Welcoming Feast

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The Sorting Ceremony continued with Minvera shouting out Harry's name. Everyone begins to whispers and gossip with one another because Harry Potter is known as the Chosen One for defeating You-Know-Who as an infant. 

Azalea stayed quiet as she watched Harry walked up the small stairs and sits down on the chair with Minvera putting the Sorting Hat on his head.

' Ah. Hello, Harry Potter. I have been expecting you' The Sorting Hat chuckle in thought.

Harry nods his head feeling a little nervous

 ' Let's see. Hmmm. I see you being in Slytherin with your older sister, Azalea Potter,' The Sorting Hat happily tells him. 

Harry didn't like that at all.

' I'm sorry, but I don't want to be in Slytherin. I want to be in Gryffindor like my parents. I don't know why you put Azalea in Slytherin when she isn't evil. Is there a way for her to be in Gryffindor? I don't want my big sister to be in the wrong crowd' He tells the Sorting Hat. 

' No. I can't do that. Azalea is meant to be in Slytherin. Don't worry, little Potter. Azalea is going to do great things in her life as a Slytherin. Since you don't want to be in Slytherin. That means, you will be in...' The Sorting Hat looks at everyone.

" Gryffindor!" The Sorting Hat shouted.

The Gryffindor table cheered because they have the Chosen One in their house. Minvera takes the Sorting Hat off of Harry and looks down at him with a polite nod. Harry stands up and walks towards the table where he sits next to Ron's older brother, Percy Weasley. 

Azalea looks at Harry and smiles. She is happy for her baby brother being sorted into the same house as their parents. She looks at Harry who is sitting next to Percy. She blinks when she sees Harry looking at her. She waved at Harry but frowns when she sees him looking away from her as he talks with Percy. 

" Harry..." Azalea sighs sadly. 

Minvera continued to call students as the Sorting Hat sorts them into their house. The Sorting Ceremony finished with Blaise Zabini being sorted into Slytherin. 

Blaise happily ran to the Slytherin table and sat down next to Hermione who congratulated him with a hug. He was surprised by the hug, but he gladly accepts it by hugging her back. 

Draco and Theo noticed the small blush on Blaise's cheeks and began to tease him which caused Blaise to let go of Hermione and to glare at his friends. 

Azalea lightly slaps Draco and Theo's chest and told them to stop teasing Blaise. 

Minvera shouts at everyone that the Sorting Ceremony is complete and that the Welcoming Feast has begun. 

The first-year students wore an awed expression when they see so many delicious foods and treat appearing on the table. 

Azalea looks at her surroundings and wonders what she should eat. She grabs her plate and fills it up with a big turkey leg, mash potato with gravy, and corn. She puts her plate down and grabs her spoon as she happily eats her food. She blinks when she sees her cup is being filled with a strange looking color. She grabs a napkin and wipes her mouth as she turns her head to the right to look at Draco.

" Draco. What did they put in our drink?" Azalea asked him.

" It's Pumpkin Juice, Azalea. It's very delicious" Draco tells her. " Try it" He smiles at her.

Azalea nods her head as she picks up her cup and drinks it. She smiles finding the juice rather delicious and sweet.

" I love it!" She happily tells Draco.

Draco chuckles. 

While Azalea and Draco were eating their food, Harry can't help but watch them interact with each other. Harry frowns not liking that Azalea is being friendly with Draco because he is the son of the couple that follows the man who murdered their parents.

Percy noticed that Harry hadn't touched his food.

" Harry. You haven't touched your food. Why is that?" He asked him.

" I don't feel so good" Harry mumbles while looking at Azalea and Draco. 

Percy hummed as he followed Harry's eyesight and spotted Azalea at the Slytherin table who is happily talking to the other Slytherin students. 

" Harry. Don't worry about Azalea. The Sorting Hat sorted her into Slytherin because he sees that she will do many good things in her life being in that house" He tells him.

" But, Ron said that Slytherin is the house of evil. He also told me that You-Know-Who was sorted into Slytherin" Harry turns to look at Percy with a worried expression.

Percy looks past Harry to his younger brother who is happily eating his food and not listening to their conversation. He looks back at Harry and smiles at him.

" Do you know who else was sorted into Slytherin and became a Great Wizard in his lifetime, Harry?" Percy asked him.  

Harry shakes his head feeling confused and curious. 

" The Great Wizard who was sorted into Slytherin was Merlin" Percy tells him.

Harry wears a surprised expression.

He remembers reading stories about Merlin being a powerful Wizard that was a part of King Arthur's court. 

" Really?" He looks at Percy in the eyes.

Percy nods his head.

" Yes. I have his Chocolate Frog card if you wish to see" He pulls out a card which shows a picture of Merlin. He turns it around and shows historical facts about Merlin to Harry.

Harry wears a surprised expression when he reads that Merlin used to be in Slytherin. 

" See Harry. I know You-Know-Who made people think that Slytherin is the House of Evil, but there were many Witches and Wizards like Merlin that came out from Slytherin and did many good things in their life, and I know your big sister will be one of those people" Percy smiles at him. 

Harry smiles at Percy.

" Also, don't listen to whatever Ron tells you. He is only a child that believes whatever people tell him" Percy tells him. " Now, eat your food because the Welcoming Feast will be done soon" He ruffles Harry's head.

Harry nods his head as he turns to look at Azalea who is eating her food. He blinks when he sees Azalea looking at him. He smiled at her and noticed that she is smiling back at him. He looks down at his food and begins to eat because he doesn't want his stomach to growl throughout the night. 

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