Chapter 2: New Mission, Bitter memories and Slipspace malfunctions.

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~Jaune POV~
Location: High Charity

As the Phantom flies towards the place where the hierarchs are located, I was conversing with Zikan 'Tradam about the mission the Hierarchs is going to give us soon.

"What mission do you think the Hierarchs is going to give us?" Zikan asked

"Probably glassing another UNSC colony, recovering more Forerunner artifacts or killing high UNSC personnel targets. But whatever it is, it's probably more important than glassing a planet to glass" I said with seriousness.

" must be right" Zikan said as he looks away. There was awkward silence for a few seconds before Zikan spoke up" know what?"


"I'm surprise your not that affected by human death than usual." He said

"Yeah so?" I said as I raise my eyebrow, I was wondering why he is telling me this.

"Well 6 years ago, before you became Fleet Master, during the battles you participated you were a Minor for 1 year and you were very hesitant to kill a single human, and next year you became a Zealot you don't seem to hesitate kill humans and when you became Shipmaster you don't seem to hesitate to glass an entire planet full of humans, I wonder why?" He said curiously.

When I heard that, my expression went grim as I looked away a bit.

"...Let's say, I have my reasons...personal reasons..." I said as I clench my first a bit, unfortunately Zikan notices.

"Hm...I guess it has something that humans must have taken away from you...Your mentor perhaps?" He asked curiously.

When I heard that I have him a small glare "Look, my mentor Vuko 'Ladam is not just a mentor, but a father figure to me, he is the only who trained me to fight and trust my instincts, fight hand to hand and command troops. His death in the Battle of Reach cause a strong impact on me, when the Demon bastards killed him along with those I trained with I snapped, and I mercilessly killed that demon when he was pinned down, the death of that Demon was enough for me not to hesitate to kill, even when I'm against my own species okay!?" I snapped

Zikan puts his hands up a bit "Okay, Okay I understand, sorry for that personal subject."

I sigh and calm down a bit "It''s okay, just please don't bring that up again." As I unclench my fist.

"Yes, Fleet Master." He said as the Phantom continues to head to Prophets while I was in deep thought.

Flashback: 10 years ago before he joined the Ranks of the Covenant
Location: Sanghelios

I grunted as I feel on my back from getting punched by one of the Sangheili Recruit during our training.

"Hmph...humans...weak!" One of the recruits said with venom in his voice.

It's been 1 year since I have stayed in Sangehelios. Training, analyze our surrounding, sparring, leading and etc. And somehow the highest skill I'm really good at is leading my comrades, and unfortunately I'm still terrible at fighting against my opponents. I know fighting against something that's not Grimm is much more harder than I experienced against the Grimm.

"Just as I expected, a weakling..."

As I stood up, ready to fight again, and fortunately we were interrupted by our Mentor Vuko 'Ladam.

"Useless! Focus!" He said as he approaches us as we stood in attention. "We are fighting Elite..." he said as looks at me before continuing "...and fighting Human Elites" and faces the the rest of the recruits "...the right arm of the Covenant. The gifts of the Forerunners are nothing if you don't master the skills to wield them. Master them you will. For we are the men of Sanghelios. And give respect for Jaune Arc. Remember, despite our differences, he is different from the other humans, you will all fight together as brothers. Never forget that honor." He said with authoritative tone.

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