Chapter 9 - 10:30 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 9
Date: March 29th, 2018
Time: 10:30am
Location: Los Angeles
Liam's mansion

For once he was running late for his date with the little gorgeous prince but his friend Louis urged him to stay an hour longer due to some important information he had found. Liam was able to come up with a lie about why he'd be late. Rodger seemed to be okay with it so Liam proceeded his secret duty.

"Here." Louis turned his laptop around showing the profiles of the men from the Starbucks surveillance video.

Liam looked through the profiles Louis made of them and got all the information about them as he could as Louis went on explaining them.

"It was hard but I got them. The first one you see is an American alpha male named Shawn Mendes. His age is 21 yet his line of work, birthplace and current residence is all confidential which you can guess why." Louis said with raised eyebrows and a steady smile.

"The next man is name Tyler Joseph. Another American alpha male. All the same is left confidential about him like the other man."

Liam's slowly nodded as he turned the lap top back towards his friend. "Did you follow where they went after they left?"

Louis lowered his smile and shook his head "There wasn't enough cameras." He then typed on the keyboard pulling something up "However I got the car they hopped into. Just not the license plate. The plate was blocked off."

He showed Liam the video of the white van letting Liam study every detail about it in case he happened to spot it around the city. "Well. It's best if we keep a good eye out. Good work Louis."

"Thank you." Louis gave a thankful smile "You missing your date?"

Liam sighed scratching his head "Just an hour. He understands."

Louis nodded, a sly smile creeping onto his lips "Well you better go meet him before he looses interest."

Liam chuckled softly, if only he knew the moment Zayn and him shared the night before "Oh trust me he won't loose interest." He assured.

His best mate snickered with a shake of his head "Better be careful. Don't be so sure of yourself Mr. Payne."

"Louis." Liam rolled his eyes "Fuck off, yeah?"

"I'm only trying to help." Louis laughed.

The druglord only got up chuckling some more "Yeah yeah. Go find yourself your own omega."

Louis sly smile grew even wider "I already have."

Liam raised his brows in shock "Oh? Who is it?"

The smile turned into a devilish smirk "The hacker from that agency."

His tall friend couldn't help but snort "And your telling me to be careful. You don't even know the guy."

"I don't have to. I can sense he's a little gorgeous, intelligent, sassy omega. I can get him to fall into my trap easily then maybe then I can catch him and have a little fun, you know?" Louis explained in such a sure confident tone. Liam wondered how that boy could remain so insanely assertive.

The druglord put his hands at his hips and lowered a curious brow "And how would you do that?"

His Peter Pan looking friend arose from his seat closing his lap top as he casually grinned "I can hack into the camera of the laptop he occasionally uses for his work and you know see what he looks like and track his whereabouts then I'd use that location to find him and low key bump into him. Then I'd ask his fine ass on a date."

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