Calm The Fire: 98

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“Why won't they let us in?” Kíli asked while looking from his brother to Náriel. They both shrugged. It was true. They had been standing on Erebor's broken doorstep now for what seemed like forever. Balin had promptly disappeared and hadn't reappeared.

Náriel frowned suddenly and stepped back, “We are alone! It is just us!” She exclaimed, but there was no response. “They must think we're part of a bigger unit.” She looked around. “They must have seen the converging Elves.” She whispered, they all caught on then.

“Oi! You lot in there!” Bofur exclaimed while holding onto his hat so he could look up at the barricade. “Let us in will you? It's cold out here!”

“We bring food!” Óin chimed in, when all else fails, bring up the subject of food as if that was a good bargaining chip.

“Come on, we're probably just as tired as you are in there. Let us in!” Fíli shouted.

Náriel frowned, this was not what she had hoped would happen. Not that she wholly expected to walk through an open doorway. “Fine.” She mumbled and nodded, taking a step back she looked around. Frowning and squinting through the dark she ran forwards. Jumping and climbing up she crouched on the rock she was on. “I'll let you in myself.” She said while looking to her friends then to the broken door and barricade. Leaping she latched onto the top and scrambled up.

“Don't you dare aim an arrow at my head Bilbo Baggins!” Náriel shouted angrily. Bilbo gulped and lowered the arrow. “Am I not your friend? Are we not your friends?” She questioned while climbing down and going to remove some of the barricade so the others could come in.

“No! I mean, yes, you are all my friends, but no to that...” Bilbo threw the bow and arrow away from himself and went to stop Náriel. She frowned and waved his hands away. “Trust me when I say-”

“What are you doing?!”

Náriel frowned, standing up straight she looked to Thorin, who for the most part did not look wholly himself. “This is the welcome we get? Barred from your doors?” She questioned while briefly listening to the scrambling at her side. The others had managed to get in. Though they all shot looks at Bilbo and then Thorin. “No answer?” Náriel whispered irritated.

“Something is happening beyond that door. The barricade is to keep whatever that something is out.” Thorin said while taking a step back and turning slowly.

Fíli and Kíli looked at each other before taking a step forward. Náriel held an arm in front of them and stopped them instantly. “No.” She said firmly, so firmly that it made them stare at her wide eyed. She had never been so seriously firm before. Yet her eyes were blazing with agitation.

“You are barricading the door to keep everyone out! It is not to keep this 'something' out it is to shut out the whole world!” Náriel exclaimed, Thorin stopped and looked over his shoulder. “Oh, don't you think I know what you're doing?” She said cynically. “I have seen what those in Lake Town have been pawing for, conversing and scheming about. Do not think I don't know what you are doing with your barricades.” She said while taking a step forwards. He was barricading them in, so no one else could get at the horde. It was rather obvious. Painfully so. And it hurt. It hurt to know that he would barricade his friends and family out, for the sake of some lousy treasure. It was lousy to her because this was what the treasure was doing to people.

“You know nothing,” Thorin said while picking up walking again.

Náriel, completely affronted by this had to double take. “I know what that treasure is doing to you!” She shouted, she still hadn't moved from her position near the barricade. Her words were true. The Thorin here was not the Thorin she knew, or loved even. This Thorin was blank, like he was here yet his mind was elsewhere. He looked troubled, confused and then all of a sudden serious. She didn't know this Thorin.

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