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* It's the thrilling season finale of Recovery

* The new maid is a PROBLEM

* Qynka is forced to relive her breakup

* There's trash? everywhere???

* We're wicked f*cking late for a vaguely important meeting

* Daddy makes Qannen an offer


PERSONAL BRANDS (in order of @)

Qynka - the main bitch in question

Modo_the_grl - contestant on Recovery; jeopardized an important brand partnership

bingey_effervezent - your host, fabulous, JVN times infinity

Wolfstain - Modo_the_grl's boyfriend; v suspicious; says he's a beatmaker but is he?

Lealualia - contestant on Recovery; usually has red hair

Qannen - Qynka's (fraternal) twin sister, the other main bitch in question

the_real_deity - rando who had sex with Qannen once; doubtful we'll hear from her again

Kessl8 - Qannen & Qynka's maid; is THE WORST

Lamantine - Qynka's ex; former OTP; is dead due to Circumstances

Raminashi - F*CK Raminashi he sucks we're not even talking about him until later

Hundo100 - driver, he's no one, forget him

Sydrifase - friend of Q&Q; is amazing, we'll hang out with them in Episode 02

VeroniqDiSassio - student at Eternal High; Lealualia's rival; once created a handbag

L3on_real - some dork who both Lealualia and VeroniqDiSassio like for whatever reason; personality = hair-based

corporate_bitch_agenda - used to hardcore ship Qynka/Lamantine aka Lamaqynk; advice columnist

Daddy - is daddy

Isotania - Qynka & Qannen's mom; died in incredibly tragic circumstances

Rogiriplex - Qynka & Qannen's dad; died in the same incredibly tragic circumstances

Truuuly - friend of Q&Q; is queen bitch of the universe but extremely loyal

Jorgan_t - works for Wood2; scientist type person

[A body] - an experiment; is dead, but had so few followers it's questionable if they were ever really alive


"I would really, really love to stick around."

-George Michael, Freedom '90


HI friends I'm SO EXCITED to kick off Season One of Cutie Cutie Ghost Show. The first episode will drop next Friday, 14 September 2018, and there'll be new episodes every few weeks after that.

As you can see there are a lot of side characters in this story and if you want, you can be one! Every chapter I'll pick a few of my favorite comments and ask you if you want your Wattpad username to be used for a character in an upcoming episode.

Even though I've been on Wattpad for a few years, and have been lucky enough to win a Wattys and be featured a few times, I'm VERY NERVOUS b/c this is the first book I'm posting here that's not fanfiction. I'll really need your feedback and opinions as I move through this story; I'm counting on you to keep me from flying off a cliff.

Thank you so much for your attention & your support & enthusiasm. Can't wait to share more of Qannen & Qynka's story with you. 💜


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