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What is the scariest thing in this world?

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What is the scariest thing in this world?

Well, the scariest thing for Nirav was to face his parents and tell them that he was going to fulfill his dream, going against them.

Nirav landed in India with so much mess going on in his mind. He was at a stage in his life where he had to make a choice between his parents and himself. If he chooses his parents over himself, all he will have to do is sit and regret till the end of his life. Whereas, if he chooses himself over his parents, he will end up in a situation which is unpredictable. Unpredictable because he had no idea how his parents would react on hearing this news. All his mind hoped that his parents would understand, accept his decision and get back to their normal behavior. But looking at the facts, he knew they won't accept his decision that easily.

He reached home and from the moment he entered the house, he was treated with a silent treatment by both of his parents. When his father saw him enter the house, he just glanced at Nirav for a few seconds and went back to reading his newspaper. His mother, Asha, on the other hand just opened the door for him and went back to the kitchen.

Nirav entered his room. All the things were placed in their exact place. Except for something new. Mostly empty side table of the bed now had beautiful photographs framed placed on it. He went near the table to have a brief look at the frames. Frames held the pictures of the most amazing moments of his life, right from the moment when he first started walking, his first birthday, the moment when he had received his first trophy in a music competition, till the moment he got married to Anika. His heart brimmed over emotions at that particular moment.

Nirav's chain of thoughts was broken by a slight knock on the door of his room. He turned around, still holding a photo frame in his hand, to look who it was. It was none other than his mother. She made her way towards him who was fixedly staring at her with so many emotions in his eyes. She looked at the photograph he was holding in his hand and said,

"Do you remember when we had clicked this picture?"

He looked again at the picture. It was a picture in which his mother had embraced him in her loving hug. He looked back at her and nodded in a no.

She smiled. "You were six. We were at a park and you being a naughty kid left my hand and went to explore the park all by yourself. Then all of a sudden, you were nowhere to be seen. I and your father searched for you like mad people all over the park for almost one hour. I was crying badly all that time. I almost thought that I lost you..." By this time Nirav too had tears in his eyes along with his mother. "You know where we found you?", she asked wiping away her tears and with a slight smile back in his lips. He again nodded with a no. "There was a man sitting under a tree, in the corner of the park who was playing his flute very melodiously. And you were sitting near him listening to him. The moment I saw you there, I felt as if I got my lost life back. I ran towards you and embraced you in a tight hug and broke down in tears uncontrollably. That's the moment when your dad had clicked this picture."

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