Ch7: It Gets Worse

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"You like Peter!"

The phrase had gone over in her head a few times; she just couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was tempted to run that by her again but she was sure she had heard it right the first time and she didn't want to hear it again from Ned, especially not with the face he was making. The face of someone who had jumped to conclusions and was letting his imagination get the best of him.

MJ closed her sketchbook, slamming it a little too harsh before placing it in her backpack. "I'm not even going to respond to that." Michelle turned to leave the room but Ned's continuous chatter caused her to stop.

"Oh my god! Are you going to tell Peter?!" Ned sounded way too invested in this topic.

"Tell Peter what?" MJ refused to accept that this was happening to her. This had to be a nightmare.

"That you like him."

"I tolerate him," Michelle retorted quickly.

"That's not what your sketchbook says." Ned continued with the same topic.

"This isn't what you think it means," Michelle sighed.

"What does it mean?" Ned questioned, highly intrigued.

Michelle couldn't answer this, because she didn't even know. She had drawn these images of Peter late at night when she found she couldn't sleep. She had finished her reading and homework. That night her sister was fast asleep in her room and MJ had placed her dad's food in the microwave for him to heat up when he got home. With her responsibilities done, MJ couldn't help but let her mind wander. She hadn't started off drawing images of Peter. That night she drew various images of Spiderman after hearing more news coverage in the background about the Avenger's associate failed to make an appearance. The news coverage had subconsciously influenced her drawings. However, after minutes of drawing Spiderman in swinging positions, her thoughts switched over to Peter. This train of thought occurred because when drawing Spider-man's stature and muscles, Michelle began to draw parallels to Peter.

While Peter attempted to hide his newfound body mass under baggy clothing it did little to deter from the fact that he had bulked up a bit. Michelle instantly took noticed that he had bought clothing a size larger. However, the biggest give away that set Michelle that something was wrong was his height. He had gotten taller. Yeah, Peter was still shorter than her but he had grown a few more inches. She remembered him being smaller, but now he was taller than Ned.

Their similar body shape and height had Michelle drawing Peter and Spiderman simultaneously. There were very similar in stature and MJ would know since Spider-man had stood mere feet away from her during the DC monument accident. It had only been for a brief moment but that was enough for her to detect that.

This was Michelle reasoning for drawing Parker in her sketchbook. However, she still couldn't possibly fit all the pieces together in her mind as to why Peter came to mind when thinking of someone similar to Spiderman. There could literally be dozens of people similar to Spider-man's stature in New York. However, drawing Peter in comparison just came naturally without thinking. She didn't know what it meant just yet, but she damn well knew it didn't mean what Ned thought it did. She couldn't exactly tell him her reasoning for it either, god only knows what other conclusions he would jump to.

"I'm leaving that's what it means," Michelle stated before storming off the room.

Ned marched behind her. "MJ," Ned whispered, stopping Michelle. She stopped, not wanting him to attract May's attention. "It's okay if you like better." At his words continuing to take on the topic of Peter, Michelle rolled her eyes and walked away.

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