Ch6: Well Shit

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Short note: You learn more about Michelle in this chapter. That's it. Told you it was short.


Ned was frozen from sheer panic. The rattling of the doorknob soon began to draw out, leaving his increasing heartbeat to be the only overwhelming sound he could hear. His body stayed stiff as he debated on what to do. Coming up with a plan on the spot was much harder than he thought.  He needed at least five minutes. Even so, before the door opened completely Ned acted quickly, running from the entrance of Peter's room to down the hall to the bathroom. He rushed to turn on the shower, drawing the curtain closed and stepping out of the bathroom. He walked back down the hall trying to rush down the hall, back into Peter's room only to stop dead in his tracks as May stepped in front of him.

"Oh," May breathed out as she didn't expect to bump into Ned. "Ned, you startled me." She held her hear,  demonstrating how his presence came out of nowhere to her. "Didn't you hear me calling?" Ned shook his head, his heart was all he could hear.

"May you're home early." He said nervously.

"There wasn't really that many customers at the shop today so I was left off early," May explained. "Are you okay, sweety; you're sweating." May paused to look at his condition.

Nervous sweating,  Ned thought. "Peter and I got chased by a dog on the way home," He spewed out like word vomit. His rushed sentence startled May,  causing her to widen her eyes. That's actually a good one, Ned thought. "Yeah, a dog. A big dog. We had to outrun it," He explained,  refining his lie to be believable.

"What. You two have never told me about this before. Is this a constant thing? I'll have to have a talk with the owner. Whats the address? " May demanded, her maternal nature to protect her boys coming forth.

"We didn't get a look at the street name, " May's confused faced lead Ned to continue his thought.  "We choose to take a different route home. "

"Alright. Well, where's Peter?" May looked around.

"He's taking a shower.  He was all sweaty so he wanted to freshen up."

"Okay." She stepped back, paying his explanation. "Seeing that you guys had a rough day how about I make fettuccine " May informed before stepping into the kitchen.

"Yeah, that sounds nice," Ned said before escaping into Peter's room.  He closed the door, checking over to make sure May was distracted before closing it. He quickly pulled his phone out, calling Peter. Peter picked up the phone after four rings. 

"Peter where are you?!" Ned whisper yelled.

"Umm," He heard Peter say. Peter rubbed the back of his masked neck. "I' still on Riker's Island." He stood on the lower part of the docks, where the climbed off the boats to climb up the stairs and walk on the dock above. He looked lost, left and right. "My ride left me behind."

"Your ride?" Ned Questioned.

"I got a lift from a garbage cow, but it's gone. I thought it would have taken them more than twenty minutes to get all their trash on to the boat but apparently not."

"You need to get here and fast! Your aunt came home early," Ned rushed out. Ned briefly heard Peter say 'May' before he continued to explain the situation.  "I told her you were showering to buy you some time but I don't know how long she'll accept that explanation. 

"Okay. Thanks, Ned. I'll be there as fast as I can. Please continue to stall her until I get there."

"No need to ask," Ned said before hanging up.

"Karen there's no time to sit around. I have to get home now." 

"What will you do? Your webbing instant capable of reaching the shoreline." Karen explained.

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