A brick in the face will surely wake you up

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I stood in the dimly lit hallway, removing my black ballerinas, as the distinct click of the deadbolt sliding back into place again hit me in the face like a brick. Soon after came the beep, the telltale sound letting me know that he had set the alarm. I was trapped again. I wanted nothing more than to scream right into his beautiful face, damned be all the consequenses!

His hand on my shoulder made me flinch. "Is everything allright" His voice neutral.

No, nothing is alright! You ruined my life! I rue the day my path crossed yours! You prowled after me in the hotel with the fucking intent to kill me, then kidnapped me, locked me in that hellish room for several days all alone, and at every damn turn you find some reason to force your sick twisted advances upon me! And now you made me just as sick and twisted as you, I cant believe I let you touch me, that I reacted to your kiss, that I wanted it, wanted you to keep going! I despise you! I wanted to scream the words at him, to rage at him, but I knew that doing that would only result in one thing, the little trust he now had in me would vaporize with the blaze from my words. And his trust was my only key to escape this living hell.

I squeesed my eyes shut and let the lie flow from my lips. "Is everything allright?" I repeated as I took a small breath of air. Yes, everything is just fine."

"Your lying" He whispered against my ear. "There are several tells." His breath tickled my cheeks as I bit my lip, my back tense against him. "One, you repeated the question back at me before answering. Two, you are squeesing your eyes shut. Three, you swallowed." His arm went around me, and he pressed his index finger against my bottom lip, prompting my eyes to open. "There are more subtle tells, but I dont want to give away all my secrets now do I? So are you going to tell me the truth, because I hate the sound of lies, especially the ones crossing your beautiful lush lips." He turned me briskly around, my startles eyes meeting his dark ones. I had no idea of how he had even known that my eyes where shut.

"I.. I.." I had no words, how do you lie to a human lie detector just mere inches away from you, monitoring your every expression, your every breath?

"Yes?" He prompted, arching his dark brow.

"I am not ok." I whispered back as I my vision blurred. "How can I be ok when you keep me locked up in here like some caged animal, to be let out only when you see fit to do so?" My voice went from a mere whisper to shrill shriek as I hurled my accusation at him.

"Its better than being dead love" He answered, his silky voice neutral. His arms were around my waist now, trapping me against him. "You should be dead by now because of what you witnessed in the coffee shop, but I guess some part of me fell for that sweet feisty innocent kiss you gave me in the elevator." His cinnamon eyes were trained on my lips now. "Letting you go would be a gamble." His eyes moved from my lips, and cut into my blue eyes again. "I cant afford to take stupid risks in my line of work, everything needs to be calculated, everything."

"I wouldnt say anything if you let me go, I woul.." He cut off my plea with a gentle short kiss, his warm lips pressing against mine.

"Im sorry, I cant take that chance" He whispered, his forhead now resting against mine. His eyes where closed. "I know that your feelings towards me wont change over night, and I dont expect them to, its not like flipping a switch. And this situation is less than ideal, but just give it a chance." The pressure of his forhead against mine dissapeared as his eyes sought mine out again. "And please stop judging yourself so damn harshly." My eyes widened at that. "Dont think that I dont see the revulsion which you direct towards yourself. Its etched into your face all because of the reactions I elicit from your body, the way I make you feel." I held my breath, my mind was reeling as his words hit me. "I see the way your mind is fightling your own body every single step of the way." He lifted his arm from around my waist and placed the palm of his hand against my cheek. I closed my eyes at the warmth. "The way you hate my touch and at the same time crave it." It was like he was looking right into my soul, like he could read me like an open book. A book with a language that only he could decipher, I felt like he knew me better than I knew myself.

Salty tears trailed out from behind my closed eyeslids and down my cheeks as I trembled, his words had left me utterly defenseless. He knew to much, saw to much, he saw right into my core. My breath hitched as I tried not to bawl right in his face, but I was helpless, I could do nothing to stop the tears from falling. A foreign silky wetness trailed across my cheek, tasting my fallen tears. My startled eyes opened to witness his tounge on my cheek being replaced by his soft warm lips as he kissed my tears away with butterfly kisses. I wanted desperatly to bolt, to rip myself out of his hold. The thing that disturbed me and knotted my stomach was not his tounge on my cheek as you would think. No it was the lustfilled look in his eyes. He was turned on by my falling tears, by my trembling body in his arms, by my fear of him.

"Dont be scared, I wont hurt you love" His husky voice glided across my skinn, causing goosebumps to trail across my arms and neck, as his cinnamon eyes took in my frightened state.

"Dont be scared! You look like your about to f...to eat me up right now!" I did not want to use the f-word, I did not want to connect it to the lust pooling in his eyes.

"Yes, I desperatly want to eat you up, to taste you. The salty taste of your tears, your sensual body shaking against mine, the way you both lust and fear me at the same time, they all make me burn for you my love. But I promised that I would not hurt you, and forcing myself on you would rip your spirit to shreds, it would brake you." His thumb brushed against my closed lips as his cinnamon eyes burned into mine. "I want you whole the day I make love to you for the first time, when you tremble in pleasure beneath my body as I penetrate you with my cock. I want you whole as you moan my name, begging me for more. I want you whole, and taking my pleasure by force right now will ruin any chance of that." His voice came out hoarse as his breath mingled with mine.

His words scared me, but at the same time the crudness in them turned me a tiny bit on. A burn in the pit of my stomach spread outwards. My tears stopped, you could only keep crying for so long. Besides his twisted words did comfort me somewhat. This strong brutal killer had promised to keep me safe, even from himself and his own carnal desires. I dont know why, but I trusted him, I trusted him to keep me safe. I only hoped that I would not regret putting my trust in his deadly hands. Because can you really trust a killer to keep his word?

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