Chapter 71

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The last three weeks have been amazing and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do this. The only problem I've had is trying to distance myself from Colin. He's very...friendly and every chance he gets, he tries to talk to me. I mean, if I were single, I'd probably give him the time of day, but I'm not.

Today is our last day here and we're not really doing anything. The Gold Rush had an exhibition this afternoon to show what they've done the last three weeks and they did really well. Now we're all just hanging out at the stadium until Jen & I decide to leave.

"Do y'all have to leave right now?" Brandy asked clinging to my arm.

"No, why?"

"Y'all should come out with us tonight," she suggested.

"I guess we could do that."

"Wait, I don't have a dress or anything to wear tonight," Jennifer said.

"Yeah you do. I put one in your suitcase when you weren't looking," I said.

I knew Jennifer and I were going to a club before going home, so I packed dresses.

"Cool. When we leave here, y'all can come to my house and get ready there," Adrianna said.

After about five minutes, the players came in, but we ignored them and continued our conversation. We stayed out there until it started getting dark, then we left.

"Briana!" I heard someone shout. Colin.

I turned around and there he was running up to us like he did everyday the last three weeks.

"Yes Mr. Kaepernick?" I said.

"So it's your last day here," he said.

"Yes it is."

"Are y'all leaving now?" he asked. He sounded a little sad.

"No, we're going out with the girls tonight."

Shit! Why'd I tell him that?

"Where are y'all going?" he asked.

"I'm not telling you." Jennifer & I walked to the car and followed Adrianna to her house so we could get ready for tonight.


So we were having fun with the girls, but only an hour had passed before I noticed a group of guys making their way over to us. Of course, those guys just so happen to be some of the 49ers. Perfect.

"Hey ladies," Colin said.

I looked over at Jennifer and she & Adrianna just smirked at me. I playfully rolled my eyes and ignored him.

"Hey Briana."

"Bye Colin."

I grabbed Jennifer's hand so we could go dance, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"To dance," I replied.

"Let me dance with you."

"Or you can dance with one of these girls and I'll dance with Jennifer." I walked off, leaving him there with his teammates laughing.


Throughout the night, Jennifer hung out with LaMichael James and Colin continued his pursuit on me. I spent the whole night trying to avoid his ass. I went over to Jennifer to get away from him, but he stopped me before I could make it to her.

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