sacrifice is another name of love

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swara -a bubbly and lovely girl star of everyone eyes sanskar is a servent in gadodiya house his work is to take care of swara ……swara is always depend on sanskar anyone doesnt dare to say anything about him because if they do so they have to face swara anger
one day their is a party in gadodiya house all were enjoying a girls name kavita insult sanskar regarding his dressing and say servent should serve the guest not enjoy your born to serve us sanskar have tears in eye start moving suddenly hears the voice of storm and turn and see swara slapping kavita and holding her hair
swara-how dare you to speak about sanskar he has weared the clothes as his heart simple and pure not fake like you

kavita-he is a servent
from guest-yes servent should be kept in limit
another person-they were thief baby
swara -shouts he is swara gadodiya’s asset if anyone have problem with his presence can leave the party know
sumi and dadi try to calm her but she hold sanskar hand leaves to her room
where swara anger on sanksar why he didnt answer kavita back sanskar say she is your frnd na swara swara says not is she was
next day a man name gulshan try to misbehave with her swara slaps him so he with his gaons attack her but in he nick of tym sanskar comes and beat them gulshan warns them and leave
as swara use to tell love stories to sanskar and by listening the story sanskar imagine himself and swara ashero heroine
as days passed sanskar decided to tell his feeling to swara and goes to her
sanskar-i want to tell u something
swara-me to first u say
sanskar-no you say
swara close her eyes and inform that she loves her clg mate laksh
sanskar is heart broken but give fake smile and ask about laksh swara start desribing about him sanskar act as sleepy start moving swara ask what you wanna say
sanky-nothing special and goes to his room and cry vigerously
next day swara introduce sanlak
laksh-bro she always talk about you
swara-because he is a much sweetheart i can say away from you but cant from my sanskar

laksh-then take him with you as dowry
swara-yes this my condition if you want to marry me then you must accept him too
sanky-are you mad what are you saying
lucky-dont argue man there is no benifit in doing in it
swara-exactly ad sanskar i am not asking you i am telling you

sanskar in his room think laksh is a good person wealthy and can takecare of my swara thats enough for me as days passed shekhar inform everyone regarding the marriage proposel for swara from gulshan and he has accepted him swara tells that he is cheap but shekhar doesnt listen to her and say he has given promise to them he cant break sanskar als try to convience shekhar through sanskar out of the house and lock swara
gulshan to sanskar i said na i will not leave you i will marry her make her pr*stitute and you also can enjoy sansar beat him and go sanlak make plan to free swara and escape to somewhere laksh say you go annd bring her and i go and bring ticket for three of us
sanky-for three???
laksh-buddy not only for swara for me also u are important you are my brother sanskar they hugs and go
in swara’s room
she tries to cut her nurves at the tym sanskar shouts her ame from window swara see him and open windowv sanskar comes in and give tight slap to her ask what the hell were you doing you didnt think about me and lucky swara with teary eye hugs sanskar and he tells about their plan and they escape through window while running dadi see them and shout swara is running with sanskar shekhar and his mens runs behind them at a point they met laksh and three of them runs but caught by shekhers men bring them to shekher
shekher -because of this laksh you leave us na know i will kill him first then this sanskar..sanskar and swara tried hard to convience shekhar
laksh-let me die bhai you take care of our swara
shekher shouts the gun and laksh fall down swara runs to him but laksh is not hit by bullet
swalak see sanskar standing seeing them and blood flowing from his chest he falls down swara make his head lay on her lap and cries-why you did it
laksh-bhai why
sanskar-because your my bhai and swara he is your life
swara-i am incomplete without you lets go to hospital

sanskar-no swara plz take care of my bhai and yourself my body is dying not my soul it will allways with you
sanskar–plz take care of my swara see is naught and sometimes arrogant but pure and nice hearted person
laksh-nothing happen to u we will take care of her
sanskar-my role is finished know its your
swara-sanskar why you love me this much
swara-i have heard u that day when we return after meeting laksh i thought i will bring for happiess and find good partner for you so that we live happily but i didnt know you love this muchh i am soorry sanskar becoz of me whyyy sanskar
sanskar-because swara luv doesnt only mean to et it other name is sacrifics for everything for the happiness of you loved one see i am happy without fear i am dying because i know you are in safe hand sanskar gives swara’s hand to laksh and dies by seeing swara with a smile

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