46. Five Senses

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Sorry, not edited very much, but that's the only way for me to get chapters out right now.

Chapter 46—Five Senses


I was right where I wanted to be...buried deep between Hycinth's spread thighs. Her back bowed in supplication, sweet cunt clenched around me, pulsing a rhythm all her own, demanding to be filled. It was the natural order of things. Regardless of circumstances, destiny always chose this moment to conceive our own pup, and Hycinth's body reacted accordingly, pulling me in, gripping my cock tight. It was so very right...

...but, it was also so very wrong.

Everything inside of me wanted to give Hycinth what she was unconsciously asking for. But I couldn't. I wouldn't take her choice away. We'd agreed, and I wouldn't go back on my word, as much as it killed me. With a grunt, I pulled out, letting my release splash in lines over her belly and breasts. There was even a trail across her left cheek into her hair.

Iridescent, not white, more the color of deep water reflecting the moon's glow. My father told me our release would be different. He hadn't indulged in many specifics, and frankly, I preferred it that way. An in-depth review of the texture, consistency, smell, and taste of my cum was the last conversation I wanted to have with him. He'd only shared that it would be sweet and not sticky, so I hadn't fully known what to expect.

I groaned at the picture she made. Chest heaving, unable to catch her breath, wonder and excitement radiated in wide lake blue eyes...and her creamy flesh coated with my cum.


Hycinth's nostrils flared, her attention snapping down to my seed. Midnight blue eyes of her Wolf surfaced. She sniffed and then licked her lips, gleaming white canines on display. Drawing a line through the substance, Hycinth lifted the fluid to her mouth and sucked it off of her finger. Her eyes fell shut and a low moan of pleasure released from her throat.

I groaned again. She was just too perfect.

Still nestled between her thighs with her legs wrapped around my waist, I lowered my torso and chest until our skin was flush together, the silky smooth substance now shared between our bodies. Hycinth reacted instinctually. Back arching, she thrust her beautiful breasts into me and wriggled, effectively smearing the liquid across and into more of our skin.

She knew the requirements of the ceremony, but the animalistic expression on her face implied her actions weren't purposely done. She wasn't thinking, just letting her Wolf guide her.

Bringing my lips down to hers, Hycinth instantly gave me entry, eager for the contact. I licked lazily into her mouth. "Do you like how I taste?"

Her low rumble of satisfaction let me know she completely understood I wasn't talking about the taste of my tongue. I lifted a little, so I could see her better and couldn't help my smile when her swollen and pink from kissing lips turned down into a frown at my distance.

"Do you want more?" I asked on a growl. The idea of feeding her my cum caused sparks of electricity to shoot down my spine, straight into my balls. I wasn't worried about her consuming such a trivial amount. We were just getting started, and under normal circumstances, a few climaxes would have been released directly into her hot core. There would be plenty left over to fulfill the ceremony requirements.

Hycinth's eyes darkened. Her little pink tongue flickered out greedily, communicating her answer. Happy to accommodate her desire, I slid my fingers along her cheek, collecting the glistening ejaculate and brought it just above her waiting open mouth...but no farther.

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