Chapter 9

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Hands reached into the drawer, grabbing at a few shirts and leaving the others in disarray. I threw the clothes towards my suitcase, not caring if they unfolded in the process or to pack them perfectly in that moment. Sam stood next to the bag, sighing he reached down and re-situated any of the items inside of them. The anal packer in him was coming out, and it worked in my favor.

"It would be nice and make things easier if you would pack a little faster," his voice rang out as I walked slowly towards my closet. I walked slower hearing his words, not at all excited about packing and leaving like this. Stop being petty, Sidney.

Not a word was spoken from me, but I did try to walk a little faster. In truth, it would be easier to just get this over with, dragging it on was only pausing the inevitable. My hands gripped at a few shirts on hangers, ripping them off. I reached upon on a shelf grabbing jeans and joggers before heading back towards the suitcase. Flashing him a faux smile I knelt in front of the suitcase and carefully set everything inside in a neat matter. Before, I looked away I saw a clear roll of his eyes in response.

"Complying and being grumpy is still being difficult, Sid." He'd moved away from me, sitting upon the couch and watching me with narrowed eyes.

"I wouldn't be grumpy if I wasn't being forced to leave my apartment for a different state. I'd rebel, but I'm pretty sure you'd kidnap in the middle of the night or whoever this crazy person is would get to me." My voice dripped with a bit of annoyance, my hand slamming down the bags front and zipping it shut.

"Exactly." His expression was a bit impassive, he shrugged his shoulders and sat back further into the seat. My eyes scanned his face and his body, head tilting as I watched him closely for a moment; he became harder to read with this nonchalant behavior. It was becoming annoying the way he kept this poker face as if he was hiding something and that didn't bode well with me. A smile quirked at the corners of his lips as if he could read my mind and enjoyed my present mood. How lovely, he still enjoyed pissing me off.

Closing my eyes I took a deep breath, exhaling through my nose as they reopened. Seeing as we some time to kill I busied myself with cleaning the apartment. I didn't want the place to be a pigsty when I came back or if some maintenance person happened to enter it in my absence. As I moved about wiping things down I realized that I'd miss this place more than I thought. The room was my only solace and even the three flights of stairs would be something too long for in my absence.

Sighing I paused, turning to him once more. "Is there any way I can just stay?" I'd blurted out the words, feeling my shoulders sag as I asked. I was met with silence for a moment and then he looked up at me.

"We've been over this Sid, you know that you can't stay here. I'd sit here and hover over you like a hawk if I could, but that's not how it can happen right now."

The urge to argue was strong, but I needed to keep myself in check. This wasn't ideal for anyone and being anymore difficult wouldn't be helpful to this situation. Taking a deep breath I pinched the bridge of my nose and nodded my head.

"Fine. I get it."


We'd gotten to the airport early enough that we had time to sit at the boarding gate for some time. My headphones sat atop my ears blaring music and I kept my eyes mostly glued to my book. Since I was still annoyed with all of this, I thought it best to stay in my own world, this book was doing a good job of keeping me there. For months it had sat unread on my couch, the suspense of this sixth installment to a series had been properly built.

The corner of my eye caught movement, curiosity pulling me away to take notice of the woman who'd placed her bag in the seat next to me. Glancing away after confirming what had happened I saw Sam and his mother sitting next to each other and chatting casually. An exhale escaped me, releasing a deep breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding in. Just as I went to look down Sam looked at me, my cheeks began to burn in mild embarrassment so I looked back down to my book. Once more I was pulled into the world of a badass grim reaper.

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