Chapter 7

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My body appeared relaxed and my eyes were closed, but I was nowhere near the land of sleep. I'd been in this faux sleep position since our last move onto a train, trying to get some actual sleep and give Sam a break from dealing with keeping me from breaking own further. The more space we put between us and the apartment the more at ease I felt though it never cleared. I was still in a state of panic, very slowly coming down from the exhausting emotional high.

My mind was blank for once, no thoughts swirling and begging for my full attention. The calm felt nice, but also confusing and a bit scary; it was like I wasn't fully present in reality and floating.

The train made a turned, jarring me and causing my eyes to flutter open. The light in our compartment was low, so it didn't put too much strain on my eyes. I squinted, moving my hand beside me until the gripped onto my glasses and pushed them onto my face. Things became clearer, I took in the small space for the first time and noticed a sleeping Sam across from me. A soft sigh escaping me because even while he was sleeping he looked beyond exhausted. He needed a good rest and time away from the craziness brought on by me.

Redirecting my gaze I looked out of our window, watching all the passing trees and landmarks as we whizzed by. The quickness in our passing made it hard to focus on anything and blurred my vision, so I looked away and blinked rapidly. Another glance in Sam's direction I decided to try to follow his example, closing my eyes again and curling up on my bench seat the best I could.

As soon as I'd started to drift a loud ring pulled me back, but shaking my head I tried to ignore it. For a few seconds it kept at it, but then I heard shuffling and the sound stopped. Sam's voice filled the space now, scratchy, deeper than usual and annoyed. He spoke in a whisper, so knowing that it wasn't something for me to hear I tried harder to sleep. I turn in the seat, eyes still closed, and face away from him. He keeps his tone low the entire time, but I don't focus on the words until I hear my own name spoken. My attention peaked and sleep forgotten, I try to keep still and listen closely to his conversation. It's like he knows and speaks even lower. I release a silent curse, but keep listening for anything.

"Because she deserves to." He'd stopped whispering and then I heard the light thump of his phone hitting the seat.

For several seconds I stay in my place, then my eyes open and I turned to face him. His nose flared, eyes glaring and lips hard set, the frustration I heard in his parting words clear on his face. When he saw me looking at him he met my eyes for a moment, then redirected his gaze onto the floor. My eyes stayed on his face, waiting for a change or him to say something. All I got were quick glances and silence. Sighing I repositioned myself and leaned forward, my arms resting on my legs.

"Going to talk about it?"

"Nope." Not an ounce of hesitation in his answers. My lips part, ready to pester him until he stops withholding, but I stop myself and shrugged. I wasn't done with asking questions, but I wasn't going to start a war on this train.


The house we stood in front of was ideal for a horror movie set, which made me hesitant to move any closer to it. There were only the two of us here, but I still felt like this was Cabin in the Woods. When I glanced over to see Sam looking at me expectantly I swallowed, pushing down those thoughts. The cabin wasn't too bad, then I noticed the door open from the wind. I stepped back on instinct, refusing to move any farther.

"Is this where I find out that you're actually the one trying to kill me?" I laughed, but it was shaky, even though I was joking about that. Part of me told me that anything was possible at this point.

"No. I would have done it already if that was my plan from the start." He gave me a nodding his head towards the door.

We didn't need to stand in the cold together, so I stopped being a crazy person and stepped forward once more. My hand pushed the door open, eyes scanning the interior for anyone or thing that could pop out. I stepped in, searching the foyer wall for a light switch to illuminate the place. The sun was almost down, so not much light was shining through the windows. My fingers brushed a pad and the lights in the hall turned on. Though creepy on the outside the place looked less creepy cabin and more modern on the inside. My irrational fear of being a stupid girl in a horror film lessened, besides I liked to run away from weird noises.

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