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Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what is going on inside their head? Because that was my current situation. I was side-eyeing my friend Luka Couffaine. He'd been silent all of the class today. In fact, every lesson he's been quiet. Usually, he's not dead silent. If was weird. He was being weird. I didn't like it.

I took my pencil and poked his cheek with the eraser. Nothing. I turned the pencil around and poked him with the graphite of my pencil. The sharp tip woke him from his trance and turned his attention towards her. "What?" he asked rubbing the spot you had poked with the graphite.

"You're too quiet today, what's on your mind?" She whispered as there was still a lesson going on.

He shrugged in reply, "Off day, I guess," he whispered back

"Is it because of the music festival coming up?" You questioned as the lunch bell rang and the two of you grabbed your belongings and headed to the lockers to put away your school supplies.

"You could say that. We've been rehearsing, but the whole things only days away. Kind of has me sitting on the edge of my seat," the two of you walked down the stairs as you talked.

"Worried no one will show up?"

"I know the kids in my sisters class are showing up, that's about it."

"Aren't you the only person in the band that's not from her class?"

"Pretty much. What are you going to do during the festival anyway?" He asked as you two stopped at his locker as he put his stuff away.

"Helping my mom get photos from the performances, which also helps my portfolio," You answered as he closed his locker. Your mom was a photographer for a magazine in Paris, she had a good reputation for amazing photos that told the whole story. She'd been teaching you about photography since you were about ten. You caught on quick and sometimes helped her when she had a lot to cover. The music festival was a perfect example of it.

"So I can't count on you to stop by the boat and support me?" He joked as the two of you made your way to your own locker.

"You can count on more than that, My mom has me going to all the small performances and taking pictures, one of my stops happens to be your mother's boat," You smiled at him as you put your bag in your locker and closing it.

"Suddenly, I'm more nervous knowing I'm getting my photo taking," He joked again as you punched his arm as you both headed to grab some lunch.

Thankfully you had been able to pull your friend out of his weird trance for the rest of the day. Once your last class was over, you headed over to the art room for a few. It was a great way to practice photographing. It helped give a voice to the artist on campus.

You walked into the room and greeted the art teacher, "back for another session of photographing the student's art?" He asked

"If any of them have any new projects they're working on," you smiled and set your bag down on a table to get your camera out.

"Is your mother photographing the music festival again this year?" He asked as you put your lens on.

"Yep, asked me to help her this year, so I'm going to the smaller performances and getting some photos and interviewing them on their music," you told him

"That's amazing, and a good way to get your name in the industry," He smiled as some more students walked in and greeted him and you. A lot of them were excited about the music festival, you had talked to a few and gotten pictures of new works they were doing or had done since the last time you had come in. You packed up your stuff and waved them all goodbye as you headed out for home.

You had walked out of the doors when your phone vibrated in your pocket, you walked down the steps as you took it out and looked at the new message you had.

If you're not busy, care to stop by the boat and help me rehearse.

Be over in a bit :-)

You texted your parents that'd you were going to Lukas for a bit to help him and they just said to be home no later than 8. You put your phone away and continued your way to his mother boat, arriving shortly, seeing the long grey haired lady working on her deck.

"Good afternoon Anarka!" You greeted her as you boarded the boat.

"Good afternoon (Y/n)!" She smiled at you, "I take it Luka asked you over."

"Yep, asked me to help him rehearse for the festival, I don't really think he needs my help though," You told her.

"Neither do I dear, but he's down in his room, are you stayin' for dinner?" She asked

"Why wouldn't I." you smiled as you headed down to help your friend. The cabin part of the boat was as messy as the deck. You were used to it honestly, you'd come over so many times that it was almost like walking in your own home.

          You heard Luka playing his guitar in his room. You paused and pulled your camera out of your bag and quickly attaching your lense. You smiled and turned the camera on as you walked into his room. He hadn't noticed you yet. His eyes were closed as he played a song. You brought the camera to your face and snapped a picture of his calm state.

           Luka heard your camera shutter. You just giggled as you say next to him on his bed. "I personally think your using this as an excuse to hang out with me," you said looking at the photo you took.

          Luka pressed to delete button on your camera as you cancelled it and pushed him over. "Are you going to do that everytime?" You asked as you turned your camera off and disassembled it to put it back in your bag.

          "I do it out of love," he smiled at you as he sat back up, uncrossing his legs as you put your camera away and put your bag beside his bed. You let out a small yawn as he started playing again. You sat there and listened to him play.

           You remember when he was just learning to play. He'd really grown into it. You would say he could be a pro but he disagreed with you every time. You were sure that if Jagged Stone had heard him play, he'd immediately give him a record deal.

          The music was soft, nothing he was preforming. His band was a rock band. This was more acoustic than rock. You started dozing off. Getting lost in the song. You didn't notice when Luka stopped playing because you were falling asleep.

          The boy set his guitar down as your head feel against his shoulder. He chuckled at you as he wrapped his arms around you and laid against his wall, listening to your breath was all the musical he needed.

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