Ch. 15 My name is Professor Minerva McGonagall

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Azalea sadly walks back to her friends. Draco and Hermione quickly noticed Azalea's saddened expression. Hermione frowns as she looks at Azalea with a worried expression.

" What's wrong, Azalea?" Hermione asked. 

Azalea looks at Hermione. 

" It just what Ronald told me" She whispers.

Hermione wears an angry expression.

" What did Ronald Weasley told you?" She asked her.

Azalea opened her mouth to say something but Draco cuts her off. 

" Wait. A Weasley hurt your feelings" Draco speaks up feeling protective of Azalea. " I'll be right back. I don't like it when a Commoner makes my friends feel bad" He walks by Azalea, but she stopped him by grabbing his left arm sleeve with her left hand. 

" Draco. Don't" Azalea's left hand tightly grasped Draco's left arm sleeve. " The reason I am feeling like this is that he talked bad about you" She whispers.

Draco stopped walking as he turns his head to the right to look at Azalea who's bright green eyes are filled with sadness. 

" What did he say?" He curiously asked her.

Draco can't help but feel scared that Ron told Azalea that his parents were followers of You-Know-Who.

Azalea slowly turned her head to the left to look at Draco in the eyes. She frowns when she sees fear in his grey eyes.

" He told me that you were a bad guy because your parents followed the man that murder my parents" She tells him.

Draco quickly looks away from Azalea. His blonde bangs hid his angry and sad grey eyes.

" He said that huh..." Draco mumbles thinking that Azalea doesn't want to be his friend anymore. 

Azalea lets go of Draco's left arm sleeve and grab his left hand instead. She lightly grasped his left hand with her left hand.

" Ronald didn't have the right to say that. Sure, I don't know much about your parents' past, but he shouldn't judge you because of what your parents. Also, you have been so nice to me since the day we met" She closed her eyes and smiles at him.

Draco turns his head to look at Azalea. His heart skips a beat when he sees her smile at him. His expression softens as he smiles back at her.

Blaise, Theo, and Hermione noticed the loving look that Draco is giving Azalea. The three kids could tell that Draco has a crush on the red-haired girl.

" First years. First years. Follow me!" Hagrid shouts. 

Azalea opens her eyes and turns her head back seeing Hagrid waving his right hand. 

" We should get going" She slowly lets go of Draco's hand as she entirely turns forward.

Hermione smiles as she walks up to Azalea and wraps her left arm around Azalea's right arm.

" I can't believe that we are so close to being sorted into our House" Hermione excitedly tells Azalea.

Azalea giggles as she nods her head.

Both girls begin to walk with the other students. Blaise and Theo stood by Draco. 

" It seems like our little Romeo has a crush. Right, Theo?" Blaise asked while looking at Draco with an amused expression.

" I agree" Theo nods his head.

Draco blushes as he glares at the two boys.

" Shut it! I don't have a crush on Azalea. She is my friend" He mumbles as he begins to walk away from Blaise and Theo.

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