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Third Person's Point of View:

"Maddy, you go on ahead," Betty smiled. Madyson furrowed her eyes but entered the retro-chic restaurant. Once again, she bumped into the tall boy; this time bumping into his chest, not his back. "Hey! Watch where you're - oh hell," the boy chuckled darkly.

Madyson looked up at him and sank back. "You are by far the most clumsiest northsider I've met. Hell, you are the definition of Northside's innocent, good girl."

Madyson inhaled shakily and muttered a quiet apology. "What was that?" The boy asked rudely, clearly hearing her. Madyson whimpered. "I'm - I'm sorry..."

"Say it louder. I can't hear you over the sound of coward!"

"I said -!"

"I still can't hear her! Can someone shut the air conditioner off?"

"Sweet Pea. Leave her alone. Let's roll," a pink-haired girl scolded, pushing him and her other friend out the door. She turned to Madyson with an apologetic smile. "Sorry about him. As much as he's my bestfriend, he can be such an ass."

The two teens laughed. "I'm Toni. Toni Topaz," she introduced, raising a hand for Madyson to shake. "Hi... I'm Madyson Lodge."

"Lodge? You're - ?"

"Yeah... The daughter of a criminal. I know," Madyson rubbed her arm, looking away in embarrassment. Toni smiled, patting her shoulder. "It's fine. It's better than being labeled a criminal. That reminds me, you know who we are, why aren't you scared? Or at least angry to see us?" Toni wondered. Madyson gave a sweet smile. "I don't care what people label others as. I mean, people call me a black sheep since I'm nothing like my family, but whatever, right?"

Toni laughed. "Topaz! Stop mingling with the northsider, and let's get the hell out!" The tall boy yelled angrily. Toni and Madyson smiled at each other. "See you next time?"

"Of course."

When they left, Betty and Veronica came inside. "What was that?" Veronica asked, pointing to the Serpents who were getting ready to leave. Madyson shook her head and sat down in a booth. Veronica and Betty looked at each other and followed the youngest Lodge. Curious to the fact that no engines were heard, Madyson looked outside and saw the Serpent Boy narrowing his dark eyes at her, his raven locks falling down to the middle of his forehead.

Madyson's innocent dark brown eyes stared back at him, a red light glaring at the back of her head. The tall male scoffed and started his motorbike's engine. Two more engines started, and soon became inaudible the farther away they rode.

Madyson sighed and saw Archie and Jughead. "Wanna join?"

"Maddy, where's Veronica?"

Madyson sighed, giving a shrug. "I have no idea. She always liked to leave me out on things. But as always, you wouldn't listen to me and blame me for letting my older twin go out," Madyson sadly told her mother, walking into her room. Hermione followed her daughter with an annoyed expression. "Madyson, I will not put up with your act! Since your father isn't here, I'm not going to baby you! "

Madyson looked away, hurt from her mother's words. She wanted to spit something back, but she bit her tongue knowing that her mother wouldn't accept anything from her. She stood up, took her phone and went out. "Where are you going!"


After an hour of walking she bumped into the same boy she sees at Pop's. "Northsider, I swear. Are you attached to me, or something?"

"No... Sorry, I wasn't looking," Madyson croaked. Toni who heard her voice looked at and saw the tear-streaked girl trying to get past the tall intimidating Serpent. "Madyson? What's wrong?"

Madyson shook her head at Toni's attempt to understand why she is like she is. She shoved the boy away and ran off. The dark haired Serpent wasn't affected by the shove, but was more interested in the girl herself. He wondered why, in the times they've bumped into each other, she hasn't tried to throw herself on him yet. Toni being an exception for her liking to girls, Sweet Pea always had a nick for being a lady's man; girls all over him but he could care less about them. To him, she was odd.

Very odd.

"Madyson, where were you?" Veronica asked, furious. Madyson kept her eyes down and walked to her room. Veronica blocked her passage and glared at her sister. "Madyson, where were you! I was worried sick! If you got hurt-"

"You'd be happy because you wouldn't have to worry about your shadow, right? You wouldn't have to have to ignore my every comment, you wouldn't have to hear my complaints to everything you do? If I've gotten hurt, you'd be ecstatic," Madyson hissed. Veronica stepped back from Madyson's unexpected snap. In their seventeen years, she had never heard her younger twin raise her voice at all.

Veronica's expression hardened. "No! That's it Madyson, I'm sick and tired of you playing the victim! You're dad's favorite meaning that you get everything!"

"Veronica, he doesn't give me anything! It's just pity from mom nurturing you more than me! Haven't you noticed anything? The pills, the bags I have to hide? The fact that I'm almost never here because I was at appointments? No! Because you're too busy wrapped in your own world to worry about mine! Your own sister's!"

Veronica stood in her place angrily, unaffected by her twin's tiny pleas of help. "Madyson, you know why mom did that? It's because, you aren't like us! You're the black sheep of the family! You aren't a Lodge! You are just Madyson; the bitch who loves playing victim!"

Madyson gasped and stifled a sob. She stuck her nose in the air and said, "Then I'll just leave."

She ran.

She ran to her room, to retrieve a few things.

She ran out the Pembrooke.

And she ran to who knows where. All she knows is that she ended up in the forest with nothing but her clothes, a sweatshirt, her phone, and a knife.

A knife that she has used over and over again to satisfy her needs to hurt herself. And no one, not even Hiram, knew that Madyson Kathleen Lodge has attempted suicide numerous times.

For she was the Black Sheep of the Lodge family.

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