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"Milo....baby boy wake up, you have school." I cooed, shaking the little guy. He stirred and shook his head, burying his face deeper into his pillow. "Miloooo."

"Nooo," He mumbled and I noticed his voice is really raspy. Frowning, I turned him around only to see that he was sweating. A lot.

"Aww baby." I sighed, helping him sit up. "Do you feel okay?" He shook his head while shaking a bit.

"T-t-tired..." He sniffled out and I cringed at the sound of his blocked nose.

"It's okay honey." I helped him take his shirt off then laid him down. "Just rest while Mama gets the medicine." I hurried out of the room and to the kitchen. Once I got the medicine, I quickly texted the girls in our group chat. The group chat had Selena, Camila, Ally, Normani and Dinah.

Demi: rain check for today, Milo is sick.

DJ: awwww, do you need any help today?

Selenaaaa: ^^^^

Cami🍌: I just told Laur and she's faking sick now (:

Allyson: karla don't you dare let her skip school today.

Cami🍌: ouch that first name

Demi: ahahahhahaa wow and yes I might need help but I'll tell you when I need it

ManiBoo: alright keep us posted, ALSO Dinah go change Lani's diapers please and thank you

DJ: the things i do for love...

Shaking my head, I went back upstairs and sat Milo up again. He wasn't sweating anymore but he was shaking so I put a light shirt on him.

"Okay baby say aahhh." I distracted him and got him to swallow his medicine which he stuck his tongue out.

"Ew..." He coughed out and looked at me with teary eyes. "Mama...cuddle in mama bed..?"

"Of course honey." I picked him up and carried him to my room. Placing him on the bed, I got in with him-thankful I didn't get ready to take him to school yet. I was still in my sleepwear. He sniffled and looked at me with teary eyes.

"Shhh baby boy Mama's got you shhh." I stroked his hair and handed him one of the toys he had left. He held onto the toy truck and laid against me, sniffling. I turned on the tv and put on a movie that was playing. Monster's Inc was playing, that was one of Milo's favorites.

I took a picture of him when he didn't notice and sent it to the group chat.

Demi: my baby boy is so sleepy (insert pic)

	Demi: my baby boy is so sleepy (insert pic)

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Selenaaaa: awwwwwwwwww ❤💜

DJ: umm where'd he get that cut?

Demi: wellll two monsters fell on top of him during recess yesterday

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