A loud clattering sounded behind her.

Come on. Come on!

The ding sounded causing hope to kindle inside her. The doors opened to reveal an empty elevator. Blood and chunks of flesh still stained the floor. Stepping inside, she heard hurried footsteps racing towards her.

She smacked the button for the lobby as her mother raced towards her. Her neck was crooked as she raced forward.

The door slowly closed as the creature got closer.

Faster, please!

The doors shut just as she reached the elevator. A loud bang reverberated off the walls inside the elevator. The sudden pull in her stomach alerted Arryn that the elevator was moving.

She reached back in her pocket and pulled out her phone once more.

"I-I made it to the elevator."

"Oh thank God." Claire sounded relieved.

The smell of blood hung heavy in the thick, hot air of the elevator. Arryn's grey sneakers were planted in a pool of blood mixed with chunks of flesh and hair. She flicked her eyes upward, glancing at the floor numbers descending on the screen. Every passing number filled her with dread.

What if the lobby is flooded with them? You can barely fight off one. How are you going to take on a horde of them?

"You need to find a weapon," Claire advised, seeming to read her mind.

Looking down at her bloody shoes, she saw the shards from the vase still laying on the floor covered in the scarlet liquid. She bent down and picked the largest shard she could find, holding back the bile that threatened to come up. She wiped off the blood onto the hem of her blue shirt.

"This feels so wrong. These things ar-were human." She had to stop herself. No human could move that fast, and the strength they possessed was unlike anything she had ever seen

"Arryn, oh shi-" Claire was cut off by the sound of squealing tires.  A low beeping noise signified that the call had been disconnected.

"No," her hoarse voice cried out. She stared at the phone in disbelief. A heavy burden fell on her chest as if an anchor had been placed on top of her. She wanted to fall to her knees with the heavyweight pulling her down. So much had been lost.

The elevator dinged, sending a chill down her spine. Slowly, the door peeled open. The only sound she could hear was the rhythm of her own rapidly beating heart. The door finished opening, revealing the hallway she had walked down just over an hour ago with her mother.

Cautiously, she stepped out into the silent hallway. Her back hugged the wall as she inched forward. Every footfall felt amplified in the dead air.

She reached the corner when a sharp, high-pitched crying cut through the silence like a knife. She froze, clutching her weapon tightly. "Mommy!" The voice belonged to a child. "I'm scared."

Arryn peeked her head around the corner to see a small girl, no older than six, hiding behind the receptionist's desk. She was wearing a white hospital gown, clutching a  green stuffed animal tightly to her chest as protection. The girl's mocha colored skin matched that of her hair.

Checking to make sure there were no threats surrounding them, Arryn whispered, " Sweetie, are you okay?"

The girl's head snapped in her direction; her eyes widening in terror at the sight of Arryn. Tears trickled down her face as she backed away. She looked like she was going to scream again.

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