Chapter 4

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(Y/n) was floating around in nothingness. He was dreaming.

There wasn't anything in any direction, just empty space.

That was until two figures appeared in front of him, a man and a woman.

They spoke just loud enough for him to hear what they said.

Man: I wonder.....will you be able to provide me with even a moment's entertainment?

Woman: When it comes to men......I aim to please.

Before anything happened, he was pulled from the dream.

He woke up and a dark room, chained to a chair, with the only source of light being the lamp that was on the desk in front of him.

He looked to his left to see Lahar holding a bucket.

Lahar: Good, you are awake. Now we can start the questioning.

(Y/n) didn't say anything, he only shook his head to get the water off of his eyes.

Lahar: Now, was it you that released so much magic energy?

(Y/n) didn't answer.

Lahar: What was the roaring?

He didn't answer.

Lahar: Are you a mage?

He didn't answer.

Lahar: What is your name?

He. Didn't. Answer.

Lahar: Where are your parents?

For fuck's sake Lahar, he isn't going to answer your goddamn questions!

Lahar: "sigh" Alright. He isn't going to cooperate. Take him to a cell until he's willing to tell us what we want to know.

(Y/n) didn't even react when two Rune Knights grabbed him by the shoulders and dragged him away.
3 weeks later

He refused to answer any of their questions for this long.

And now he was faced with a problem, he had to get out and find the other slayers!

I was then he heard two voices, one was Lahar but he didn't recognize the other one.

???: So the council wants me to take this child into my guild.

Lahar: Yes. All we could get from him was that he is a mage and we had to scan him. We don't even know what kind of magic he uses, he even refused to tell us his name.

They stopped in from of the door to his cell.

Now (Y/n) could sew that the second person was an old man. A really, really, REALLY short old man.

 A really, really, REALLY short old man

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