03. Too Many Questions, Not Enough Answers

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The short drive home was quiet and tense. I was constantly looking around to make sure that we were not being followed. When we reached the house I told my sisters to stay in the car while I got out and surveyed the area. When I didn't see anything out of the ordinary I motioned for them to get out of the car and quickly ushered them into the house. Just as I was shutting the door behind me, I saw a black SUV roll to a stop at the end of the street.

"Dad!" I yell as I dashed to the living room and closed all the drapes.

"What are you doing?" Anna asks.

"Quick! Close all the curtains!" I order as I run to the back of the house. I call for my dad again before ripping open the basement door. "Dad are you down here?" When I didn't get a reply I start to panic. "Carmen, call Dad back"

"Celia, what is going on?" Josie asks me.

"I don't know! Where could he possibly have gone? I just talked to him 20 minutes ago." I say as I start to pace the length of the hall.

"Hey, are you okay?" Anna asks. I stop pacing and look at her. I can tell that she's afriad, but she's holding it together.

"I'm fine. Let's go wait for dad in the living room." I say as I lead my little sisters back down the hall. Just as we reach the living room there's a knock at the front door. We all freeze and look at the door.

"Celia, I got dad!" Carmen says as she runs down the stairs. I shoot a glare her way and she freezes. "What?" she asks. I motion for her to be quiet and take a step towards the door. As I move I motion for Anna and Josie to go around me towards the stairs. I motion for Carmen to turn around and head back up the stairs. She nods before slowly walks back up the stairs. I look through the peephole on the door and jump back when I realize who it is. It's the guy, the one who saw me in my vision. I try to remember what I had heard Michael call him. I shake my head and turn and run up the stairs. Carmen is waiting at the top with the phone.

"He's still on there." She says as she hands it to me.


"Celia? What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? We got home and you weren't here! I kind of freaked."

"I'm sorry. Your mother had a blow out on her way to the grocery store and needed help changing the tire. It'll only take a few minutes, I promise."

"Dad..." I stop talking and look to see if my sisters are listening. I notice that Carmen is still standing at the top of the stairs with Josie next to her while Anna is hovering near the door. "Someone's at the door. One of the Shifters must have followed us when we left school. I saw him park the SUV at the end of the block." I tell him quickly.

"Are you sure it's one of the shifters?"

"Yes, I looked through the peephole. I recognized him from my vision. I can't remember what I heard Michael call him, but he must be the leader. He's the one everybody was taking orders from."

"It may be okay to let him in, see what he wants. I'll have your mother try and get in touch with your Grandma. She may know what's going on." Dad says.

"What do you mean let him in?" I ask completely shocked. "Dad, he could be dangerous!"

"Is he alone?"


"Then he's no real danger. He'd have to take all four of you, a situation I'm sure he doesn't want on his hands." He sighs when I don't reply. "I trust you to be able to handle the situation, Celia. This is a cake walk compared to some of the things that you've had to do."

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