Let Me Help You

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It was a warm Summers night and me, my family, and a few friend kicked it at my house on the patio of my father's mansion. Everyone sat around the bonfire and had a great time. My brothers were with their guy friends talking about their latest music, tracks, rhymes, and beats while me and my girls sat and talked about of course, boys. It soon grew late and everyone was heading out to go home except for my brother's friend August. He stayed the night to discuss more about music with my brothers and to chill with them because he and my brother's had an unbreakable friendship. I didn't really know this guy, but his tall, muscularly slim, tattooed body, curly hair and beautiful skin tone, eyes, and face caught my attention.

We all stayed up until about 1am talking, joking and having fun. All the while I could feel August's eyes ocassionally staring at me. I felt a little uncomfortable so I went to the kitchen to grab some drinks and snacks for all of us. Once I gathered all of the things, I felt a pair of hands clutch my waist. I quickly turned around and gasped because it did scare me a lot. When I finally caught my breath, I realized that it was August. "Haha! You ight lil ma? I ain't mean ta scare you" he said in his thick Louisiana accent. "Uh yeah. I'm fine" I said turning back to the snacks with August's arms still around my waist. I quickly shyly pushed him off of me and turned my attention to the snacks before he gently pulled me into him. My back was against his toned core and I would feel his piece poking against my bottom. "I wantchu mama" he sweetly whispered against my ear. All I could do was feel a funny feeling down there. He gently began to rub me in my spot and I suddenly felt weak. He kissed my neck, pulled away, winked, and helped me carry the snacks into the living room.

When everyone finally decided to call it a night, we all went our seperate ways. It was now about 3am and I was still feeling the funny sensation between my legs. When I got to my room a changed into an oversized shirt and boy short and let my long curls out of my bun. When I finally got situated in bed I decided to relieve the funny sensation between my legs. I slid my hand in my panties and slowly began to rub circles around my clit. I've had no prior experience with masturbating so this felt so nice. I continued to please myself until I felt something watching me. I looked up to see August watching me masturbate. I quickly took my hands out of my panties and sat up. At this point, I was beyond embarrassed. I guess August could tell because he had a smirk on his face due to my blushing.

"Don't be embarrassed ma" August sweetly said, trying to make me feel less embarrassed about the situation. I stayed silent, still blushing a bright red looking down. August then placed his fingers under my chin and slowly lifted my head. His dark brown eyes met my hazel eyes and I was completely mezmerised. "Let me help you finish what you started". He slowly lifted me off the bed and started to kiss me. The kiss soon deepend and August lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He gently laid me back down on my bed and placed sweet gentle kisses on my neck and slowly made his way down my body until he reached my 40 DD breasts. He gently caressed my nipples and they soon began to harden. He continued to massage my left breast and placed his soft, plump, cool lips to the right. He slowly sucked it and my back slowly began to arch and my eyes soon rolled to the back of my head. He then did the same to my left breast and decided to make his way further down my body until he got to my panties. He tugged them with his index finger and looked at me with wide eyes as if asking me for entrance. I hesitantly nodded because this would be my first time having a sexual encounter with anyonw. He slid my panties off and began to kiss my thighs. The longer he postponed the awaited pleasure, the deeper my breaths became and the more I longed to feel this experience. I guess he could tell I was growing impatient because once my breath began to even back out, he dove in. His tongue was like magic. First, he slowly began teasing me and licked around my clit. "Mmm...*long slow lick*...You taste so sweet ma...*longer slower lick and twirling his tongue*". Then, he worked on my clit and I immediately felt a shock of unexpected pleasure. I began to arch my back. I think he took pleasure in that because he began to lick harder. At this point my pussy was growing wetter and wetter by the second. He then began to suck on my clit and stuck 1 finger in. I was still a virgin so the one finger did kinda hurt. I guess he realized this because he used his long thin finger to please me with hard, slow, deep strokes. August then pulled my shirt up and began to sofly caress my nipples. All I could do was grind my hips in sync with his tongue work and arch my back further because my nipples were solid by this point. He then looked me in my eyes to make sure I was okay. I nodded and he began to pick up the pace. He inserted another finger and deeply and roughly shoved them in and out. I could feel him licking up all of my juices. I soon began to buck my hips as I began to reach my climax. I continued to arch my back and buck my hips until this wave of pleasure slowly crept up on me. August was going all in and all of a sudden, I felt my climax being reached. Once I came, August continued to lick and flick my clit with his cool tongue which made me buck a little because it was now senstitive due to my recent climax. He licked up my mess and made his way to my lips. He passionatley kissed me and took of his shirt and pants and laid beside me. "I think I'll sleep in here tonight" he whispered in my ear. For some odd reason, I barely knew this guy, but I didn't mind. I laid my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. I slowly began to catch my breath and I soon fell asleep to his heartbeat.

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