"Wenter!" Daystar exclaimed.

Over the year, Winter became an active father figure in Daystar's life. Winter flew out for his birthday and when he broke his leg. He came when he got sick and everything in between. Even though Kairen's mother and sister thought he was wasting his time, Winter truly treated Daystar as his child. He even sent gifts to him jut because.

DayDay!" Winter said in the same tone.

"We mish you!" Winter said.

"I missed y'all too Pooh." Winter said.

"Aight y'all let's go so we can get settled in." Kairen said.

They arrived at Kairen's apartment and pulled into the parking lot. They grabbed Kairen's and Daystar's bag and walked into the complex. The hopped on the elevator to the second floor. They stopped at apartment 2F.

Kairen opened the door and everyone plopped on the couch.

Kairen opened the door and everyone plopped on the couch

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"This a nice little place you have here. Who's paying for it?" Malan asked.

"Me. I still have money from college. Besides I was working with Shonda in Chicago, so there's money from there. Winter bigheaded self wanted to pay my rent, but he ain't my nigga?" Kairen said.

"Yet!" Winter hollered. Everyone busted out laughing.

"Nana me hungry." Daystar said as he fell backwards on the couch dramatically.

"Daystar we literally just came here. We don't have any food." Kairen said.

"Can we go Chuck E. Cheese?" He asked giddy.

"Yea we can go, but we gonna go shopping afterwards because I know you think their pizza taste weird." Kairen said.

"Daystar is so weird." Promise said.

"Don't do my baby like that. If he thinks their pizza taste weird, then it taste weird." Winter said coming to Daystar's defense.

"But what's been going on between you and J?"
Kairen asked Malan.

"Nothing we just chilling." Malan answered.

"She a damn lie! Got my nigga over here buying roses and and chocolates and jewelry." Winter snitched.

"Shut up!" Malan squealed as she punched Winter.

"Don't be punching me daddy." Daystar said hugging Winter's head.

"Yea don't be punching me!" Winter added.

"Lala hurt shu?" Daystar asked Winter.

"Yea Day, my chest hurt." Winter faked. cried.

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