Let me see yours.

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It was killing me to wait inside my office. I knew that Sam and Kelly would keep me informed and if they didn't; there was always the cameras.

I began pacing, my mind is rapidly running through different scenarios of what if's. I couldn't wait for updates. I rushed over to my desk and opened up the surveillance program. The club was packed. At least I'm going to make some good money tonight I thought to myself.

Earlier, Sam gave me a brief description of what she looked like. My height, black hair, thin and beautiful. Yeah that is half the people in here. He said she would stand out though and she would more than likely have a girl with her.

This is taking forever. I decided to look at the camera over the bar for a bit. She wasn't in the VIP section, maybe the lower bar?


I saw her. Sam was right she definitely stands out. The girl is sexy. Way beyond anything that usually comes into to this place. Her eyes seem to be looking for something scanning across the entire building.

I watched her head to the dance floor. I can't wait a second longer. All I need to do is go to her and I could have my answers. The plan was for Sam and Kelly to send a text when it was safe for me to leave the office. They have yet to do so but for me it was now or never.

Opening my door I headed swiftly towards the stairs that lead down to the lower section.

The perfume scent down here was powerful. I wonder if it's her? I did smell it yesterday when she was here too. If it was her it matched her looks. Intoxicating.

I pushed every possible positive thought of her out of my mind.

If she was here to claim me she was dead wrong. After what she did to my family I just want to rip her throat out.

Calm down Lydia. It's now or never.

Her eyes found mine and I started to walk towards her. People around me cleared the way as if they knew I was on a mission. I felt my confidence growing as I stride towards her. All the while the perfume was become more predominant.

I'm in front of her.

She smells as amazing as she looks. Her body is the definition of perfection and it is drawing me in but, I need to focus. Taking a few slow breaths I calm myself.

I took her hand like I did to every girl I want to dance with.

"What's your name?" She asked but I was in a daze.

We were so close while we danced. I could feel her body press against me and the scent that engulfed her was wrapping itself in my mind. The perfume was definitely not perfume. It was her. Her scent it's driving me crazy to the point where it is literally taking every ounce of control I have not to kiss her.

Think of your father Lydia.

It was enough of a thought to stop my racing mind. Just thinking about how she killed him for loving me made my blood start to boil.

"Why have you come here Queen?" I whispered into her ear flirtatiously to let her know I was in control and that I wasn't intimidated by her beauty.

It didn't work. It was almost like she could tell I was trying to distract her. She was definitely distracting me. I can feel her hands on my waist starting to work their way into my shirt. My body is screaming. I want her.

What the hell is wrong with me?

"Im here to dance with you." She purrs against my neck and I feel her lips brush on my skin. Her answer put a immediate stop to my thoughts.

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