chapter 4

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Ash's POV

"They're so cute together" I put my arms around Ava and smiled at Chris and Maria.

"Too bad, they don't see it"Ava took my hand and lock it with hers.

We decided to try to get Maria and Chris together by taking them out to the carnival hopefully the couples would aspire them.

They both look at a happy couple and look at each other both of their faces turned red as the quietly turn away from each other.

I was disappointed at Chris and he called himself a lord.

Ava rolled her eyes and cross her arms.

"This is not working at all," ava let go of me and grab Maria hand pulling her away from us.

I pat Chris on his back and shooked my head.

He looked at me and his golden red eyes were darker than normal.

"Dude not cool," I punch him in The arm and he put his face in his hands.

"I'm sorry I just get nervous around her I can't help myself," that when my blood started to boil I wanted to yell at him for being a bitch but I couldn't

I looked around us to see everybody watching us I bit my lip and clench my fist.

"Are you ok your eyes are a much deeper blue and your skin."

I looked at my dark skin to see how it was a dark red color.

"I just been in the sun too long," he nodded and we both went out to find the girls.

Maria's POV

"Do you like him or not?," Ava looked me in the eyes but I was to busy looking at her face painting to take her seriously.

"well I just met him and I don't know if I'm ready."

"Yes or no," she asks with a serious voice.

"Yes?" I looked down and back up to see her smiling at me.

"Ask him out-"

"No" I crossed my arms and turned my head away from her

"Stop being so damn complicated," she yelled and soon after everyone was staring at us.

Ava grabs my hand and started walking away from the crowd.

Soon after we ran into the boys.

The walk home was pretty silent since we took a break the papers were everywhere. We spent three full days working just to caught up with the paperwork we didn't talk to each other. I walked out of the hell room and went in the kitchen to make my aunt something to eat.

I don't know what went wrong at the carnival but right now i don't feel like talking .

I gave my aunt her food and laid next to her on the bed.

"What wrong honey, " she put her hand on my head and smiled.

"Did something happen at school today "

Shit I forgot that I lied to her and told her that I went to a private school somewhere forgot where.

"No Annie just thinking" she smiled and finish her meal.

I got up and walked to my room that was a few doors down.

inside Parris was waiting for me going through my things.

"You bitch who told you that you can be in here," I yelled at him and he jumps up.

"I was waiting for you all day," he walked toward me and smirk.

"what do you want".

"A date," I blush at his word and the person that came in my mind was Chris.

I don't know why I have these feeling but I can't stand it I said yes only because I wanted to get Chris out of my head he don't like me because he didn't say anything to me for three days.

I know I'm being petty but still.

I put on my fav business suit on and walked to the hell room the boys looked at me and went back to their work.

"I won't make it work tomorrow" I crossed my arm hoping to get a responded at least.

"Have fun," Ash said looking at me for a second and looking away.

Fuck him instead of doing my work I went back to my room inside there was a godlike slave waiting for me.

"Who are you, " I walked up to him and he bit his lips and put his head down.

"M-my name i-is sean your n-new slave" his voice was cracking and I can tell he was shaking.

I forgot I have someone send me a slave yesterday I didn't expect them to send me this.

His skin had bruises and dirt all over him his sent is horrible and he really needs a haircut.

He was pretty tall for me because he like 5'6 and I'm 4'll but who cares I'm taller than everybody even Chris and Ash who is like over 5'10.

"Go get in the shower," he nodded and handed me his paperwork and rand to the bathroom.

I read through his paperwork so that I can find out if he was allergic or dislike anything.

We seem to have many things in common in that though I forgot he didn't have clothes so I went into the closets room.


I went through his thing and grab him a pair of underwear pants and a shirt.

"Well well well I didn't think you were that desperate" I heard a voice by the door and slowly started closing his dressers.

Their stand Ash smiling at me trying to hold back his laughter.

"It not what it looks like I was just getting close for my new slave I thought it was going to be a girl but they gave me a boy" my face begin to turn red and before I know it was on fire.

"It ok I will keep this a secret next time close the door," he chuckled and walked out of the room.

I stood there in embarrassment and ran out of the room with his clothes.

Putting the clothes in the bathroom I slowly closed the door and put my face in my hands my heart was racing and I couldn't stop myself from smiling but for what reason.

10 minutes later Sean came out of the bathroom and stood right in from of me.

I pointed to the bed and grab my scissor lucky for me my aunt gave me a lesson on how to do hair.

After I finish with his hair I was happy with my creation that I almost cried.

I gave him a mirror and his face had a surprised but happy expression I skilled at him and sat next to him on the bed.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"You just did," he looked at me in fear and fell on the floor,"I'm sorry I didn't mean to say it".

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