Snowball to the face!

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Hi people! I guess I was away for some time... I was camping! Woo-hoo! Now that I'm home and alive, I'll be writing. I'll be adding more serious tone and topics sometimes to the story now, and the chapters will be longer, so... Brace yourselves!

P.S This chapter is a random messy one, nothing important. Next chapter will be the real deal!

-The poor kid's fever barely goes down.-

Toriel sighed into the phone, on-line with Dr. W.D. Gaster. It was a third day Cameron was sick, his fever falling only to 38.5 C and no under that. Alexander was watching him 24/7, not even asking any questions about the Underground, the monsters, the Royal Family or Chara, but gradually cleared things slightly about him and Cameron. He finally explained that the guns he had he found in an abandoned house in the village, and when he found them, he didn't want to show or tell anyone and carry them in his pants or shirt so nobody will see. He considered telling Cameron but didn't want to scare him until they fell down, then he told about it to make him feel safe. While the brothers were sitting in one place, Chara and Asriel hang around with monsters. After befriending Napstablook, they had a straight access to Waterfall and spent time there. Asriel gave up trying to interview Alex after the first day.

-Is your brother doing better?-

Toriel asked Alexander in her caring, soft voice.

-I guess. He seems to get a bit more vivid.-

Alex put a dry towel from Cameron's head to the cold water and cooled his face. Cameron sighed shakily and turned his head. His eyes gradually opened. Alex patted his head and finally sat normally, visibly relaxed after sitting hours in the same position. Cameron rubbed his eyes, but didn't say anything and didn't move.

-Why don't tell anything more about you, boys?-

Toriel asked curiously. Alex was silently putting a thermometer in Cameron's armpit to check if anything changed in his fever. Everything was quiet until he answered:

-There isn't much to tell.-

He said dully. Cameron looked up at him tiredly and sadly. Alex looked back and slightly tipped his head.

-Don't look at me like that.-

He frowned. Cameron said nothing in response.

-38 C. Finally.-

The older brother let himself smile barely visible. Cameron smiled tiredly.

-Can I get up now? I think both my legs are numb.-

He asked. Alex reached him the crutches and helped him up. Cameron had a hard time steading himself, but he eventually forced himself to stand. His arms were shaking and he sweated. The fever was too high yet, he was weak and tired.

-Doctor Gaster will take you to a check today.-

Toriel said, looking over at Cameron.

-Take? Where?-

Cameron shot numb when he heard that.

-He has an office in the New Capital. He took Chara there few times too for treatment or a check. When Chara will come back, you can ask her. It's nothing scary or painful.-

It didn't convince the boy a lot, but he nodded shakily. Alex patted him on his back cheeringly, before the door of the house shot open loudly, surprising Cameron almost like a jumpscare and causing him to let go of the crutches and fall. Alex caught him before he could break his leg even more and put him on the chair. The doorway showed two figures-Chara and Asriel. The Royal Children had their shirts slightly torn and were all covered in dirt.

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