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Brooklyn's POV:
The lads and I have an interview today so we're on the way there. It was on live TV. To be honest I'm nervous but really excited. We all were in the van on the way up to London where the interview was. I decided to play some music in my headphones so I played Katrina's songs. I'm a massive fan of her work and really would love to meet her one day.

- - - -

The interviewer asked many questions about our dream girls, tour and other things. Celebrity crushes? Is what we got asked next. All the lads gave their ones now it's my turn. All the lads know mine. "Brook. Who's yours?" The interviewer asked. "Well I fancy this singer called Katrina. So if she's watching then I'm all hers." I said with a smile. "Yeah, he likes her. A lot." Rye said. I blushed a lot. I really hope she sees this interview.

Katrina's POV:
So a load of these fans from Roadtrip called roadies sent me a link to this interview of Roadtrip. It seemed really interesting. Well I am a big fan of them and hopefully get to meet them soon. I love them all but I love Brooklyn a lot more. I clicked the link of the interview and began to watch it. Brooklyn said I was his celebrity crush and I'm all his. Well if he thinks that then I'm all up for it. What Rye said made me laugh. Brooklyn is so sweet. An idea popped into my head about surprising him. I need to phone their manager and see if this is ok.


Hello, is this Blair?
Yes this is. Who is this?
Hey Katrina. What you would like to talk about.
Your boyband, Roadtrip, have recently done an interview. I was wondering if I could surprise them if that's possible.
Yeah sure. Any reason why?
Well Brooklyn said his celebrity crush is me so I was wondering if I could surprise him.
Of course. That would be amazing.
I was thinking of flying to London and doing it that way.
Sure. When would you like to fly out?
Tomorrow if possible.
We'll get that sorted.
Thank you so much.
Anytime. Happy to help. I'll see you tomorrow then.
Ok. See you tomorrow. Thank you.

I had my plane ticket already bought. My plane was at 11:00pm in the evening, so that's tonight. This is going to be so exciting.

- - - -

After my long hours flight I made it into England. I arrived at the place Blair said for me too meet him. He was standing there with a smile on his face. "Good to see you Katrina." He said giving me a hug. "You too." I said with a smile. There were paparazzi everywhere so Blair said it's best if we go. He drove to a restaurant where the lads were. I'm nervous to meet them but hey, it's going to end well. Blair parked the car and we made our way to the restaurant. It's now or never. Andy, Rye, Mikey and Jack noticed Blair then looked over and saw me. I pressed my finger to my lips so they wouldn't say anything to Brook. I walked up behind him and put my hands over his eyes. "Guess who?" I said which made him so confused. Blair was filming it.

I waited for him to say something but he didn't. I think he might have figured out who it was. Blair told me to remove my hands so I did and then Brook turned around. A gasp came from his lips. "Surprise!" I said pulling Brooklyn in for a hug. "S-she is actually h-here. Katrina." He stuttered. We pulled away so I let him have a few minutes to get over his fan girl stage. "You're actually here. But how? I'm your biggest fan." Brook said which made me smile and blush. "Well I'm the same. I'm a massive fan of you too." I said pulling him in for a hug again. Without caring that I had people looking at us I moved away and placed my lips onto his. He immediately kissed back. "I've always wanted to do that from day 1." I whispered into his ear. This was a great day.

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