From my previous relationship

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Your POV:
I'm going to have to cancel tonight's date with Brooklyn. The reason behind this is that my one year old son is ill and I have to stay home with him. Brooklyn isn't the dad. He doesn't even know I have a son. The two of us have been dating for nearly a year. I know, I've been a bad girlfriend for not telling him but if you were in my situation then you would know how I feel right now. I take a deep breath and take my phone out to call Brooklyn.


Hey Y/N.
Hey Brook.
What's up?
I have to cancel tonight's date.
Oh ok. Is everything alright?
Yeah. Um... something just came up and I have to deal with it.
Alright. We'll have to reschedule it then.
If that's ok? I'm so sorry. I really am.
Babe. It's ok. I'll see you later.
Thanks Brook. I love you.
I love you too.
Text me later.
Will do.

I sighed in relief. I'm glad he understood. Now I had to look after my son. I walked into his room and saw him standing in his bed giggling. "Hey little guy." I said walking over to him and picking him up. I took him to the living room where I fed him some food.

- - - -

There was a knock at my door. "Mason stay there. I'll be back." I told him. "Ok mummy." He said sitting on the floor and playing with his toys. I made my way to the door and opened it to see Brooklyn standing there. "Brook what are you doing here?" I asked. "I came to see you. To see if you were alright." He said. "Yeah I'm fine just something came up." I explained. "Mummy who's at the door." Mason said coming to the door. Great. "Mason just go back inside and play with your toys." I said nicely. He took his small blue blanket and went back inside. I sighed. "You might as well come in." I said looking at the floor and opening the door a bit more so Brooklyn could come in. He walked in and I shut the door behind him. We took a seat in the living room.

This is it. "So...?" Brook began. "I'm sorry. I should've told you. He is from my previous relationship which was horrible. I'm glad I have my son as he makes me happy. Mason doesn't even know his father." I explained. "It's fine. I totally understand Y/N. I'm not mad." He said. I smiled. "Mason." I called. He smiled and came over to us. I place Mason on my lap. He looked at Brook. "Mason this is my boyfriend Brooklyn. Brook this is Mason." I said. Mason went all shy and hid his head in my chest. "It's ok little guy. I'm Brooklyn." Brook said in quiet voice. Mason turned around and smiled at him. I let Mason and Brook have a little time together.

I'm so glad Brooklyn understands about Mason. "Mummy. Mummy. I like Brook. Is he my daddy?" Mason said running over to me with Brooklyn right behind him. I picked him up and kept him by my side. I looked towards Brooklyn and we both smiled. Also I didn't want to upset Mason if I said he wasn't which is the truth. "Yeah he is." I said which made Mason really happy.

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