Where's Brooklyn??

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Your POV:
Brooklyn and I have been dating for nearly two years now. They have been the best. The fans knew about us from about 4 months in. They ship is together and some make edits of us whig are really sweet. I think it's cute on what they do for us. I do my best to see many fan accounts and like their photos and maybe even follow a few to make them happy. Brooklyn and I don't post lots of pictures about our relationship as we want the fans to be happy and don't want to rub it in. We are so in love as the other four boys tell us.

Today I'm going around the lads flat as I wanted to see Brook as he and the others have just come back from a show they did in London. I missed him a lot. But we still texted and did a facetime those two nights he was gone. The day was nice as it was sunny outside. Mikey and Jack were walking to the building as I was approaching which was good as it saves me going through the whole system to get into the building. "Hey guys." I said walking up to them. "Hey Y/N. So good to see you!" Jack said giving me a hug. Mikey gave me one too. "How was the show?" I asked just wanting to know how it went. "Yeah. It was great. We all enjoyed it." Mikey said. I smiled. "What brings you here today?" Jack asked as the three of us made our way into the building. "I came to see you guys and see Brook." I said. They smiled. We walked up the many stairs to the top floor as their flat was there.

Mikey opened the door and let me walk in first. "Thank you." I said stepping inside then standing by the wall letting Jack through then following him. I know where everything is in this flat, it's just I wanted Jack to go first for some reason. We walked into the living room where Andy and Rye were sat. "Hi guys." I said standing behind the sofa. "Hey Y/N." They said. They were watching TV so I didn't want to disturb them. "How was London?" I asked. "It was great. The fans were wild." Rye said. "Yeah. It was amazing. I think we would love to do it again." Andy said too. I smiled. "Where's Brooklyn?" I asked. "He's sleeping in his room." Rye said. I nodded my head and made my way to Brook's room.

The door was shut so I quietly opened it to let myself in. Brook was on his bed peacefully sleeping. He looked so cute. I didn't want to wake him but I wanted to see him. "Brook. Wake up. It's me Y/N." I said quietly. I wouldn't blame him if he didn't wake up and just wanted to sleep. Just as I was going to get up and leave it felt a hand on my wrist and pull me down. My whole body was on the bed and soon I was under the covers. "Brook..." I said quietly. He just smiled while he still had his eyes closed. This was cute. I was lying on my back so Brooklyn decided to lay on top of me. He moved his face and burried it into my neck. I missed this. Brook was still sleeping on me so I played with his hair for a while until I slowly fell asleep with him.

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