Beautiful Angel

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Me and my best friend Lucas took our lunch and sat in our usual table outside at lunchtime. It's right under a tree so it's a pretty nice table. Once we sat down , Alexis came looking absolutely gorgeous and sat on the table next to us with her friends.  Not before glancing at me and giving me a small smile . I blushed and managed somehow to give her a small smile. She turned to her friends and started talking to them. Honestly we never talked but we still smiled at each other .

" HELLO?? IM STILL HERE YOU KNOW?!" Lucas yelled. The people around us turned around and stared at us weirdly. I blushed so hard, i basically turned to a tomato.
" Jesus Lucas, can you be any louder??" i said. He grins nodding his head. " Wanna see how loud i can yell?" He said. " HELL TO THE NO!!! " I yelled at him. He just shaked his shoulders and smiled. Why am i friends with him again?

I glanced at the beautiful brunette laughing loudly at what her friend said. I felt a smile slowly breaking on my face. She's just such a goddess. Her friends are so lucky to have such a beautiful human being beside them. I must've been staring too long because i heard A throat being cleared.

" Someone is in loooove" Lucas sang. I snapped my neck at him . Forgetting he was there for a second. I guess i got too caught up. " Shut up " I said as i slapped his arm. He laughed and i giggled knowing he caught me.

" So how's it going with you know who?? " I asked him as i wiggled my eyebrows. " Uh-um good " He said awkwardly while blushing. i laughed at his awkwardness. Everytime i bring up his crush conner , He turns to a strutting mess.  I sighed loudly as i stared yet again at the gorgeous creature called Alexis.

" Hey guys!! " Brooke said and sat next to me. I smiled at her cuteness. Honestly I used to have a small crush on her. But not as big as my crush on Alexis but it's still there. I felt arms wrap around me and a head on my shoulder. I smiled knowing it's Brooke hugging me.

She looked up at me with her big green eyes whispering a small " Hi!! "
" Hey nugget!!!" I whispered back .
She smiled at me and i returned it and kissed her on the cheek and stroked her brown hair.

" I SHIP IT SO HARD!! YOU GUYS ARE JUST SO CUTE TOGETHER JUST DATE ALREADY!!!!" Lucas screamed suddenly . I laughed at him . He always says this kind of stuff. Apparently He's the captain of the ship? I don't even know. I turned to Brooke and saw her cheeks turning to a deep red. I smiled down at her.

We talked for while until the bell ringed . Lucas went to his class while me and Brooke walked to our class. We walked hand in hand until we reached our class. We got in and took our seats. My seat has a great view of the one and only : Alexis

I felt the air in my lungs disappear as she entered the class room and took her seat in the front. She's popular but it didn't stop her from getting straight A's. She's smart , kind, beautiful, she's the definition of perfection. I sighed while looking at her. I felt Brooke's eyes burn on the side of my face.
" Take a picture, It will last longer " I turned to Brooke and gave her a smirk. She blushed and hit my arm. I giggled at her.

" Sooo are you gonna go to the party?"she asked. It was tuesday but it's high school so what do you expect?.
" Ehh parties are not really my thing " I told her. I'm more like hanging out with friends and relax type of girl. I don't get what's fun going to a place full of sweaty teenagers and music blasting so hard , the ground is shaking.

" I'll probably just hang out in my room and bing watch Pretty little liars " I said. She gave a small smile and said " typical you " I smiled at her. " that's me " I said in my best raven voice as i did a salute. She giggled at my silliness. We grew silent as the teacher entered.

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