Loki's Day

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You lay peacefully in your queen-sized bed in Stark Tower, enjoying the warmth of your heavy covers. Hang on...weren't they a bit too heavy? You're eyes snapped open to see two veridian orbs staring  at you, about two inches from your face. With a yelp, you leapt about three feet in the air and landed in a tangle of blankets on the floor, staring indignantly at your boyfriend. 

"Loki! You gave me a heart attack! You know, you could've just tapped my shoulder or something, but no, of course not! You have to lean over me like a stalker and watch me sleep. Why would you watch me sleep?!" You huffed, and strangely, Loki didn't laugh. Usually seeing you frustrated gave him quite the entertainment, but he simply looked at you almost...indignantly? 

"What?" You asked, unsure of yourself.

"Don't you know what day it is?" He asked quietly. 

"Um...April the first?" You responded unsurely, wondering if it was a trick question. Once again he fixed you with that look - as if he were a kitten who you'd abandoned on the street.

"Look, what is it? I'm sorry I yelled at you, I was just shocked." 

"I can't believe you forgot - it's MY day Y/N!" Your confusion must have shown on you face, for he sighed and continued.

"Every year on this day Midgardians pull pranks in my name and worship me." Suddenly it clicked and you burst out laughing.

"What do you think today's called?' You asked him, giggling. Tony must have given him the wrong idea - he was awful at explaining things to the two gods. Last week he'd tried to shown Thor how to use the toaster, and half the Tower had almost burned down.

"Loki's Day." He replied in confusion as you collapsed on the bed chuckling.

"It's called April Fools' Day you idiot! You may be the trickster but on April Fools' Day people just pull pranks, they don't worship you!" Loki looked hurt.

"Well why have a day for mischief if no one remembers the God of Mischief!" He huffed and lay back on the bed, arms crosses. You rolled your eyes.

"Come on, Mister Mischief, this is still an excuse to prank all the avengers!" His eyes brightened up at that.

"Indeed...perhaps this is not such a bad holiday after all." And with that he disappeared in a puff of green smoke. Rude, you thought to yourself. Pulling on a dressing gown, you stumbled downstairs to the kitchen only to be just in time to see Jane leaving. With interest you followed and were confused for a moment when you saw her yelling at two people at the end of the street. You got a bit closer and saw the two people were Thor and Siff kissing passionately, who soon disappeared in a flash of light. For a moment, you were aghast that Thor would cheat on Jane, but then you  spotted Loki in an alleyway, emerald magic swirling from his fingertips. Of course - just an illusion to mess with Jane. A second later, he vanished.

Next you went to get breakfast - waffles. As you popped two in the toaster, Thor stormed in looking distraught. 

"Thor, what happened?" You asked, worried.

"Come see for yourself." He said sorrowfully, before leading you into the living room. There on the sofa sat Mjolnir in all it's glory.

"Yeah, so? What's the problem?" With a sigh he grasped the handle and pulled - nothing happened.

"You...you can't lift it?" He shook his head, and stumbled out as if in a daze. As you turned to look at it again, Loki appeared behind you snickering.

"Loki - what did you do?" You asked, feeling a bit bad for Thor. He thought he was unworthy.

"Simple, my dear. That is not Mjolnir, but a copy made from Osmium, which is twice as dense as lead and impossible for anyone to lift except me with my magic. Watch this." And with that he casually picked up the hammer and walked back into the kitchen. Feeling as if you were dreaming, you followed him. Thor sat on a chair, nibbling forlornly on a pop tart. When he caught sight of Loki wielding "Mjolnir", he gave out a strangled cry and ran to his room sobbing. It was cruel, but you both fell about laughing. 

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