My life as London

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London and Landon are both popular.

London is the captain of the cheerleading squad and Landon the captain of the football team yet they have never crossed each others paths.

They sit at the same popular table but at different ends.

London is sweet and nice but also has the bitchiness and attitude that you need to have to be captain of the cheerleading squad. Don't take this wrong, she is not some dumb bimbo, she is actually smart, you could say she is an athletic nerd with a lot of confidence and fierceness.

Landon is an easy going guy, he just likes to have a good time and he is a player. He is always joking around the only thing that he takes seriously is football.

They really didn't mind each other, they were two of the most popular people at school they had so many friends that not knowing each other did not bother them at all.

But a game of powderpuff changes everything.

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