I love you

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Y/n: Johnny! Were you snooping?
Johnny:what no?!         Maybe.                                Yes
Y/n: well idk if you heard but
Johnny: you like someone else yh I know
He rolls his eyes and walks away trying not to sound upset
You grab his arm and say
Y/n: nope I need to ask you something
Johnny: what
Y/n: will you be my boyfriend?
Johnny: what about your mum
Y/n: she says it's fine coz it's you
He pulls you into a big hug
Johnny: I love you
Y/n: I love you too

Lauren: ohhhh I've never seen that before
Points to you and Johnny holding hands
Johnny: well she is amazing
Y/n: awweeeee your amazing tooooo
Lauren: awwww now I'm meant to third wheel
You all laugh 
Y/n: so now at least we won't have to watch you and Hayden 😂
Lauren:whatever 😂
Johnny and you go sit together on the couch
Y/n: hey umm by the way I just wanted to get this if my chest. My last boyfriend he was a bit phsyco and he used to abuse me and then when I decided to leave him he wrote a song for me and it included stuff about how I used to abuse him when I didn't and he said if I ever got another boyfriend he would publish it so would it be okay if we kept our relationship quiet
Johnny: of course and thanks for telling me
He pulls you into a cuddle
Y/n: by the way I love you
Johnny: I love you tooooo

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