Let me see your eyes.

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When we returned to the hotel suite I explained what happened in depth to Jenna not leaving out a single detail. She seemed pretty excited.

"Was she human?" I thought about the question briefly.

"I have no idea what she was." Answering truthfully I walked over to the window to look down at the hundreds of people walking through the streets.

All humans have a scent. Some were more attractive than others. In all my years I've never came across someone that appealed to me the way she had.

"So we're going back tomorrow? What about her two watch dogs?" Jenna made a good point. The clearly didn't want me anywhere near her. I thought for a few seconds, then it hit me.

"I'm the fucking Queen Jenna. It doesn't matter what they want. Tomorrow if she is there I will speak with her."

She didn't have a response. No one usually did when I played that card. We sat in silence for a bit before deciding to get some rest.


"Wake up your majesty. Your odd obsession with the human has inspired me to take you shopping." Jenny's voice echoed through me. It was way to early to shop, especially with her. I became accustomed to people picking out my attire. We had people on the payroll just for that at my residence.

"I'm not obsessed I'm curious. And fuck you, go by yourself." I laughed at her.

"Oh no we aren't shopping for me. You need a haircut and some new heels. Get up." I sat up.

She was right. I did need a new haircut. I never really cared for my hair it was black with decent volume and I kept it a shoulder length. Nothing special. When people looked at me they were more drawn to my looks. I knew I was beautiful, there was no denying that. Every inch of me was royal perfection.

We went to a few stores, bought some new clothes and colored contacts so the unknown girl wouldn't notice my eyes change colors. I picked up new Prada heels and a bag to match. Might as well look good. I thought to myself. I had the money, why not spend some.

Jenna and I did some sightseeing. Honestly it was just to kill time. The skyline here hasn't changed much since the World Trade Center attacks and I was alive for most of the historic moments.

I guess I will get some work done before we have to head to the club.


At 10pm I found myself completely restless. We were on our way and I couldn't help but feel nervous. What the fuck is wrong with me. My thoughts were plagued with her scent and her beauty. I needed to compose myself. Jenna could tell I was nervous because she kept making jokes.

"You're going to get laid tonight I can feel it." At this point she was laughing between her words. "Just don't accidentally kill her in the process."

"Stop. I'm not fucking or killing anyone." I tried not to laugh at her comments. It's been so long since I've felt so free. Free of my duty to serve my kind. Free to just laugh.

"We're here. Let's go stalk your future human." Jenna was still joking.

I know she's kidding but in our world these relationships were frowned upon. And yet here I was. The Queen of vampires entering a club to stalk a human. What the fuck is wrong with me. At the very most I could drink from her and hopefully confuse her thoughts enough to make her think it was a dream. Perhaps she would enjoy it and I could keep her as a blood donor? So many humans consented to this but would she?

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