Chapter Ninteen

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Jax PoV
"There you are Annabelle" Alpha Parker growled as he advanced towards her with his arms outstretched and an evil grin on his face. No way was this man taking my mate away from me, not after I had just found her.

I growled at him, a growl so load it even shocked me as my pack mates beside me bowed their heads due to the sheer strength of it. "You touch her and I will take that as an act of war Alpha Parker". I could tell my eyes were glowing a bright gold as I tried to suppress my wolf as much as I could. He wanted out for threatening our mate.

Parker squared up to me on the territory line, not close enough to actually cross but still close enough to get in my face. "Alpha Jax she is my property so I will be taking her home with me".

"She is not your property nor will she ever be Parker now leave my land before things get ugly". I could feel my pack members gathering around me, word had obviously gotten out about the possible threat to their Luna and wanted to come and support. I was instantly proud of my pack members, warriors and non warriors alike had dropped everything to come and show support to their Alpha and their new Luna, even if the ceremony hadn't made it official yet.

Parker growled, trying to threaten me but with only a hand full of wolves behind him I was less than afraid. "What gives you the right to keep that girl from me".

I growled back and reached behind me, where I knew Annabelle would be. I could feel her terror and wanted to comfort her in any way that I could. "This girl is my mate and no longer your concern now leave before I get the counsel involved, especially after what you have done to her". No way was he getting anywhere near my little mate ever again.

"She's not your mate, she just a human little girl with parental issues" Parker laughed as he rolled his eyes. "What meds have you been taking to make you believe that this little girl could ever live up to being a Luna?"

My pack growled behind me, furious with the insult to their Luna and I growled with them. I've had enough of this joker. Annabelle was still shaking behind me, her heart rate going a mile a minute and I was worried she would go back into her herself and loose all the progress we had made together if I didn't get rid of him soon.

"Last warning Parker, leave now peacefully or leave by's your choice".

"What's it like Jax? Having a mate, a Luna, that can't shift?"

I was just about to pounce on him and end his miserable life forever but froze when a scream was unleashed from my mates lips. I spun around just in time to catch her before she hit the floor.

"Annabelle? Annabelle my little mate are you okay?" I could feel my pack creating a protective ring around us, making sure Parker and his pack couldn't get to us.

All the response I could get from her was another agonising scream. Her skin was hot to the touch and flushed from the pain she was in. My wolf whimpered at the sight of her and not being about to do anything to help.

All of a sudden I saw fur start to sprout on her hands and her nails had grown into long claws. Her teeth were poking through, her lips not being able to contain their size as they slightly pierced her skin on her chin from the force of her clenched jaw. My mate was shifting.

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