Round Three - Orange Belt: Winner!

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Revenge Is Best Served Orange

It was a dark and musty parking garage. The construction on the still unknown building was nearly complete. It must have been the workers day off, not a single vehicle or person was insight.

"Alright Deep Dish," I said, my dog-like nails clicking on the hard floor, "enough games! Show yourself!"

The sound of a familiar whirl filled the lonely lot. I hadn't heard it in years, but it still sent shivers down my spine—for many reasons.

"I'm sorry, Deep Dish is unavailable at the moment." There was no mistaking that cold, calculating voice. I gasped as the humanoid in the orange and black battle armor stepped into the light; his wrist blaster pointed right at me. "That's right, Dogboy, I'm back."

I tried to overcome my surprise, but failed

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I tried to overcome my surprise, but failed. " are the one that framed Brain and sabotaged Cruise X?"

"Naturally. Only I, Glue, have the genius to conceive of such a plot. I removed your friends from the equation. Now it's just you and me."

"But...why? You helped me during the Dark Matter War."

He sliced the air with his other arm. "That's the point! I thought we were friends! But you left me for dead!"

"Friends?! You tried to kill me on an almost weekly basis!"

Glue twirled his hand a bit. "Every relationship has its issues."

"I saw them kill you."

Rage filled his voice. "When they shot me, I was merely splattered. It took me some time to reform myself, but I am made of glue." A light began to form in the barrel of the blaster. "Now, this time you will di—"

My ringtone went off. "Just a sec." I answered the call with a tap to my sunglasses. An image of Danny appeared in my HUD.

"Joe!" he said. "Did I get the Dog Whistle working?"

"Close," I said. "You got my cell."

Danny lowered his head. "Oh..."

Glue stomped his foot. "For the love of Einstein! I'm talking here! Who could you possibly be speaking to! I've separated you from your friends! No one can help you!"

"It's Danny."

"GAHHHH!!!" Glue whacked his forehead as he wailed, "!!" After stomping in a circle a few times, he took a couple of relaxing, deep breaths then turned to me. "It matters not. Danny can't even operate a can opener, he can't"

Glue barely heard the soft whirl of the Mutt's ion engine before the purple and white sports motorcycle smacked into him, sending him cartwheeling into a pilar.

Danny revved the engine, unnecessarily. "I might not be able to open a can, but I can ride. Get on Joe." He nodded towards the sidecar.

"Uh-uh," I said. "Sidekicks get the sidecar."

"Awww, man..." Danny whined as he dismounted.

Glue began to stand. "I will destroy you, Dogboy! Mark my words!"

Thanks to nanotechnology, my helmet formed around my head. "Don't you ever get tired of saying that?" I reared the cycle as if it were a horse and we were off.


Now that we'd gained distance from Glue, I slowed the Mutt and began to fall inline with the traffic.

"Thanks for the assist," I said to Danny. He mocked a blush and waved a hand pretending like he was embarrassed.

A rumble began to ripple through the streets, followed by a roar of hatred, "I'm not finished talking to you!" Glue appeared riding a wave of glue.

"I know an excellent nemesis therapist; if that'd help," said Danny.

I looked over my shoulder. "He's right, Glue! This vendetta is not good for your mental well-being...or my physical well-being for that matter!"

"You will suffer the pain of a thousand dying suns!"

I turned to Danny. "Where do they find statements like that? Is there some kind of villain handbook?"

Danny cupped his hands towards Glue. "Hey! Joe wants to know where you villains get threat sayings like that?"

I sighed and turned down another street, the tsunami of glue hot on my tail.

Glue yelled back, "I got a list from Dr. Deathborne on eSwamp!"

I shook my head and dodged another vehicle. "And they say I'm the weird one."

"Once you are dead, you meddling mongrel, I can rise my glue army. No force on Earth will be able to stop us as we march from land to land!"

"So that's your masterplan! Thanks for letting me know! Oh, by the way...low bridge."

"Low bridge?" said Glue, slowing slightly. "What in the dark underworld could that possibly—"


He and the wave sloshed over the bridge. Glue raised a fist to the air. "Curse you, Dogboy!" he shouted as I turned the Mutt back towards the parking lot and Glue's waiting army.

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