Chapter 2

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I was starting to feel anxious, should I call him today? Or tomorrow? But I finally decided to take up the courage and to call him.

"Hello?" A dreamy voice said.

"Hey is this Chris?" I asked carefully.

"Yeah, did you want to hang out today?"

"Yeah sure," I begun to smile so big.

"Okay, see you soon bye," he replied.

Now I have the trouble to find out what to wear. Clothes were flying from every angle of my room, I couldn't decided!

What I then found and decided to wear was high wasted jean shorts, a beige crop top and this really pretty black and white patterned long cardigan and my ankle white converses.

Hopefully he won't think I look bad, I'm sure his going to be looking amazing.

We met up at 12:30pm and decided to see a movie. We got our tickets, our popcorn and drinks and we sat down in the cinema for the movie the fault in our stars.

Nearly to the end of the movie I started balling my eyes out, it was the cutest love story.

"Hey, you okay?" Chris asked carefully putting his hand out so I could hold it.

"Yeah I'm fine," I smiled as a tear ran down my face. I then started holding his hand with a tight grip not wanting to let go.

We got out of the cinemas and just started walking around, I was surprised that we were still holding hands, it's like they were glued together.

We came across this karaoke place, it looked like so much fun. All of a sudden Chris wasn't standing next to me anymore I began to panic. Looking around I saw Chris standing on the big stage with his microphone ready.

He began to sing The A team by Ed Sheeran it's one of my favourites. I couldn't believe it I was speechless he has the most amazing singing voice I've ever heard. I was staring at him amazed at what I had heard. He jumped off stage and walked straight towards me.

"Dude, you can sing?! You are amazing oh my gosh," I said stunned.

"Thanks," he smiled.

"Well I should go now, my parents are probably waiting, see you at school," I gave him a hug goodbye.

"Bye, see you then" he replied.

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