"I'm not sure, but like what I said, he looks familiar." She said, then I just thought of something 

"Maybe po because he looks like Enrique Gil" I said and she laughed 

"Maybe" She said 

"Well it's getting late, you should get some rest." She said and I sighed and nodded my head and laid down on my bed. She kissed my forehead and closed the lights and opened my lamp

"Goodnight anak, I love you." She said and I smiled 

"I love you too ma." I said then she walked out the door. I prayed first of course then tried to sleep but I just couldn't sleep so I got my phone and texted Edward

(Text messages)

MM= MayMay   E= Edward

MM= You still awake?

E= Yah, why you still awake? 

MM= I can't sleep eh

E= Ah ganun ba?

MM= Oo eh ikaw? Why are you still awake?

E= Got a lot of things in my mind 

MM= Heaven?

E= Umm not quite

MM= Edward can I call you nalang? I'm too lazy to type 

E= Oh sige, I'll call you nalang 

MM= Sige thanks

(End of text messages)

I waited for a few seconds for his call then he finally called and of course I answered. Then I heard his voice

(MM= MayMay   E= Edward)

E= May?

MM= Hello!

E= Oh MayMay

MM= Wanna talk about what's on your mind?

E= Umm yah sure

MM= Talk to meh

E= Well I don't love Heaven anymore

MM= Oh what happened?

E= I met this girl kasi eh

MM= Ohhhh what's her name?

E= I can't tell you yet

MM= Sus ang arte naman nito, can you at least describe her?

E= Well all I can say is that she's very beautiful 

MM= Wew, sounds like you're in love with her ah

E= I think I am

We talked for a while then I felt tired already

MM= Edward, antok na ako

E= Oh ah sige, goodnight May, sleep well

MM= Goodnight, sleep well rin

E= Bye May

MM= Babyyyyeeeeee

Then I ended the call 

(End of conversation)

MayMay don't hope that he will like you na, he likes someone else. Bahala na, MayMay sleep ka na


When I woke up it was already 10:00 mama cooked me breakfast and it was so good but now I'm watching tv but then I heard the doorbell 

"I'll get it!" I yelled then ran to the down to open the door and when I did open the door I was really shocked 

"Edward? What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in school?" I asked him

"I woke up late and I missed first and held of second period so I just decided not to go to school, so I decided to come over since I have nothing to do rin naman." He said 

"Ah ok I get it" I said 

"Oh come in" I said and let him in the house 

"Nak who was at the door?" Mama asked while going down the stairs then she saw Edward 

"Oh Edward what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in school?" She asked 

"Na late po ng gising so I decided not to go nalang and take care of MayMay." He said and I just looked him

"Ah oh sige" She said 

"Ah oh sya I'll make lunch for the three of us." She said

"Ok po Ma, we'll go to my room lang." I said and she looked at me

"No funny business ha, I trust you both." She said and my eyes widened 

"Ma!!" I exclaimed and looked at Edward and mouthed a 'sorry' ad he just smiled at me

"Promise po Tita, we'll just hang out lang po." He said 

"Oh sige, go up na, have fun, but not too much fun ha, oh sya I'll cook na." She said and I just whined 

"Stop whining na, just go up na." She said and I just grabbed Edward's hand and dragged him upstairs to my room. When we got to my room I closed the door and looked at him.

"I'm so sorry about my mom, seriously I'm so sor-" I started but he cut me off 

"May it's alright don't worry." He said and I just looked at him, he's so cute talaga.

"Look can we just relax and watch some tv?" He asked and I just nodded my head and that's what we did, we watched movies. Hours passed and it was already 4:00  and Kisses and Marco came by just to give me and Edward the school work that we missed than they left na rin. Me and Edward finished our school work and now we're just talking.

"Oh Edward can you tell me about you and Heaven's relationship before?" I asked him and he just looked at me and he just nodded his head 

"Ummm well I really loved her, she was always there for me ever since I moved here, and I really fell for her. She wasn't only beautiful, she was also kind, caring, and generous. Then when she became my girlfriend for a few months I noticed she was acting different and what she doesn't know is that I caught her with other guys, I know she was cheating on me, but I believed that I could make her change but I guess not. I tried and tried but then she broke up with me anf of course I was really really upset so I tired to find a way to get her back and I think Bailey was the one who suggested that I make her jealous with another girl and some of the guys suggested you, that's pretty much it." He said, it hurts that I have to hear that he really loved Heaven, but who's this other girl that he's in love with?


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