Chapter 20

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MayMay's POV:

I finally get to go home!!! Mom and Kisses are fixing my stuff while I'm talking to Marco and Edward, they just finished school and they came over right after, aren't they the sweetest friends ever, by the way I have to admit something.........I might of sorta like Edward. I mean he's so handsome diba? Pero it's not just his looks, he's caring, he's kind, he's smart, he's everything that I look in a guy, problem is that he loves Heaven, and I'm his fake girlfriend lang. MayMay snap out off it, he's in love with someone else! 

"MayMay!!" I heard Edward say and I just looked at him 

"Umm sorry what?" I asked 

"It's time to go" He said and I nodded my head and stood up and got my bag but then he got it from me

"Don't worry, I got it" He said

"No it's fine I got it" I said and tried to get it but he moved 

"May, it's fine" He said and I just sighed and nodded my head 

"Thanks" I said

"Let's go na?" Mama asked and I nodded my head and we went out and went to the front desk to clear some things and then we went home. When we got home I quickly got out and went in the house and looked around, ohhhh I miss this place so much. Then I went up to my room and jumped on my bed and laid down. I then heard the door open and the others came rushing in 

"MayMay you still need to rest" Edward said and I rolled my eyes 

"Whatever, I just wanna have fun" I said and he just chuckled 

"Hay Nako May, ang kulit kulit mo talaga, oo nga pala, you won't go to school muna tomorrow ha, you still need to rest the doctor said" Mama said and I just nodded 

"Fine by me" I said 

"We'll send you the school work you need nalang Ate May" Kisses said 

"Thanks bebe" I said 

"Oo nga pala Ate May, we all have to go we still have school tomorrow, we'll go back tomorrow rin Ate May." Kisses said and I nodded my head and stood up and hugged the three of them. Then I kissed Kisses and Marco's forehead and when I got to Edward I kisses his cheek just so that it would be believable to Mama.

"Thank you all for taking care of me, thank you din for all your prayers." I said and they all smiled at me 

"Ok lang yun Ate May, we love you naman eh" Marco said and I smiled

"Hay nako ang sweet sweet mo talaga Marco." I said and messed up his hair

"Ate May, my hair!!" He exclaimed and I just laughed at him

"Sus, ang arte mo naman Marco." I said

"Ate May we really have to go, it's getting late." Marco said and I just nodded my head 

"Hatid ko na kayo sa pinto." Mama said 

"Uyyy ako rin" I said then followed them downstairs. When we got to the front door I hugged them and then gosh kinilig ako sa ginawa ni Edward, he kisses my freaking cheek!! And then nagpaalam na sila kay Mama and they left.

Me and Mama went up to my room and when we did get to to my room she started talking about Edward

"Nako, MayMay you're boyfriend is so sweet and I can see that he really loves you, and he's also so handsome." She said and I just smiled and nodded my head 

"How did you meet him? He looks really familiar." She asked 

"Have you met him before?" I asked and she shrugged 

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